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Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Review!

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great day Today I will be reviewing the infamous Fujifilm Instax Mini 8! You may have seen these floating around tumblr with ulzzang or just by themselves! The camera itself is super cute

 The camera comes in five different colors!
Credit: Fujifilm Website
Credit: Fujifilm Website
All the colors, except for the white and the black, is pastel (pastel pink, pastel blue, pastel yellow!) Here is how I saw the colors when I was choosing:
  • White: It looks clean and sophisticated
  • Blue: Gives me the vibe of a tomboy!
  • Pink: It looks sweet and makes me feel happy!
  • Yellow: It makes me think of a person who is outgoing and happy!
  • Black: It looks sleek and super chic!
 There are two versions of the Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera, the Instax Mini 7s and the Instax Mini 8 The Mini 8 is the newer version and on Amazon it cost me $62 (I brought this on 7/22/14) The price goes up and down so I would recommend you to wait and see if the price drops before you buy it! (Stalk it for like a week or so)

 While the Instax Mini 7s is only $57 I choose the Instax Mini 8 ($62) because of several reasons:
  • It's smaller and lighter compared to the mini 7s
  • It uses 2 battery vs. the 4 battery
  • Improved viewfinder 
  • It tells you which mode you should take a picture with!
  • It has an additional, new mode, called "hi-key" 

Credit: Fujifilm Website
The main reason why I chose the mini 8 was because of the battery. Although some people may say "its only 2 batteries more!" you have to remember you still have to buy film in order for the camera to work. The film comes in a pack of 10 for $10, so essentially, its $1 per film If you add the film cost along with the batteries, money can will up. While although the mini 8 costs a few bucks more, you will save money in the future from the batteries

 Now in order to use this camera, you just have to turn the dial to the suggested mode (it will light up) and take a picture! The package comes with 2 batteries and a strap that matches with your camera

Credit: Fujifilm Website
In all honesty, I was attracted to this camera due to how cute it was I also don't own anything pastel pink or pink so I choose this color The hardest part for me (besides saving for this camera) was choosing the color (it was between white and pink) I believe this camera is great to have for traveling and keeping memories with your loved ones! The quality of the pictures aren't as great as the digital camera, but this is a an instant camera

 What I love about this camera is that the pictures come out instantly, this was the selling factor for me I also love how polaroid pictures look, however, the size of the photos are roughly around credit card size so this might be a con for some people.

Pros (+)
  • It's convenient 
  • It's small
  • Great for making memory
  • It's super cute
Cons (-)
  • Film can be expensive (Usually $1 per film)
  • Small picture, roughly credit card size (This wasn't a con for me)
  • You can't turn the flash off! (although the different settings on the camera adjusts how bright the flash is)
Overall, I personally think this is a great camera for scrap booking and also to make memories with your family and friends! I think this investment is worth it and it's super nice to have!
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