Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Angel Wing Backpack Review (Black)

Hello everyone how are you all doing?  Today I received something that I've wanted for a long time!

I ordered this bag from a ebay seller called kalai813 on December 30, 2014, this bag arrived on January 13, 2014 via USPS. This bag is still available on ebay here:
Would I recommend this seller?
Communication: /5
Packaging: /5
Delivery: /5

The item came in a very secure bubble mailer and also a white bag to protect the bag. It came in 2 weeks and it was very fast delivery. I contacted the seller about some info about the bag and she replied within 24 hours 

Angel Wing Bag Review
Front of the Bag

Back of the Bag

This bag has a front  pocket, two side pockets, and in the inside theres a zipper pocket along with 2 other pockets on the inside. 
The inside of this bag is nicely lined and it's very sturdy. The two straps of the backpack was placed inside the bag to ensure it doesn't get lost.

More pictures of the bag (Yes I'm in love with this bag!)

This bag is a replica of the infamous bag handmade from LostMannequin/LucidMoxie, however, this isn't a CHEAP replica, the bag itself is very nicely made and it won't break for any reason. I've read some reviews that the straps break but this isn't the case with my bag, the straps are very sturdy, and with the real Angels Wing Bag made by LostMannequin/LucidMoxie, there has been reports where the wings fell off. The wings on this bag is sewed on very tightly and nice! 

Differences between the replica and the real bag:
Price: Real bag costs $137 with shipping to USA, while Replica costs $24.24 free shipping
Bag: The replica doesn't have a side compartment like the real one does, however this is only a "minor flaw" 
Pockets: To my knowledge, I believe the real bag also has more pockets on the inside, however like above, this is a "minor flaw"

This bag is perfect for school, which is what I'm using it for, and everyday uses! It's big enough to fit several notebooks, tablet, textbooks and more! The straps doesn't feel weak so it can hold on to a lot of weight!

To conclude this review, I would say this bag is definitely worth getting! Although this is a replica, this is a very good replica! It doesn't feel cheap on the hands, and almost looks like the real bag despite the side compartment!

Overall Review:
Quality: /5
Comfort: /5
Price: /5
Unique-ness: /5

This bag comes in black,pink & blue, and straight pink.

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