Friday, March 20, 2015

Games, Anime, Braces and why I was MIA ☆彡

Hello everyone! Sorry for being MIA for the past (close to) 2 months~! I've been occupied by school and also a lot of other things <3 I shall share with you all <3

 I got my own 3DS over Christmas in 2014! So it's not the new 3DS but it's pretty new! I wanted the blue or the pastel pink version, but both was out of stock! I got this console for Pokemon Alpha Sapphire! After I beat the game it;s been sitting here :') I'm planning on getting new games though!
 I got my 3DS in the XLarge version c: Cause why not go for the bigger version? haha!
I got myself a clear case for the 3DS and I'm loving it, something about it just makes it look so amazing!

The next console I got, on Monday, was my PS Vita Slim!!! I saved for like a month and I had $120 discounted off of it too ;))) Good deal right?
I got the PS Vita in the Borderlands2 bundle because 1) Borderlands 2 game is $40 itself  2) the Memory card (8GB) Costs around $30? So for $200 and at the same price as the original PS Vita with the OLED screen, I think this was more of a bargain! I got the Vita for Persona 4 Golden, huge Persona fan here! I'm only around 12 hours into the game but it's simply wonderful!
A Beautiful shot of my vita <3 
These are all the games I got so far, why are games so expensive *weeps* But I'm going to expand my collection soon!
 These are currently all the games I want so far! I play a lot of JRPG's and I love Monster hunter! :D
This is a motivation image I made for myself :) I took a month off after I reached $50 for the PS Vita discount so thats why it took so long for me to reach $100! I used a site called "swagbucks" to get a $100 giftcard :) I used it on my console and I paid less than half the price for my vita!

 Here are some of my favorite pokemon winning competitions! I adore Milotic <3
You may add me to your base if you wish to! I find adding people on bases using QR codes really hard tho Q.Q 

I also got my braces tightened this month for the first time! It was painless and it wasn't scary at all >.<
This is about it! I hope you all had a great month <3

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