Thursday, April 9, 2015

POP! Vinyl Figure Hatsune Miku!

Hello everyone!  New post today haha! I saw the figure that Ashely aka acyhoz got, I decided to make a post about my secret santa gift! I got this gift one week ago, my secret santa gift was late but it was worth it! Look at this darling thing!

These figures can be brought online at HOT TOPIC, or amazon! They are usually sold for around $10 to 15 max! So inexpensive yet cute! I love the design of the boxes so I don't think I will throw them out :>

It's not extremely detailed, but detailed enough that you can tell what it is :P I love how the hair also balances out the weight of the figure!
This will conclude my post tonight >O< My question to you all is: do you have figures? If yes, how much was the most expensive one you brought and from what anime was it from? If no, tell me if you'd like one or reasons why! For me, I've always wanted figures! But majority of them are too expensive! Now POP! Vinly figures offers another option for me to indulge in ^^

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