Tuesday, May 5, 2015

3 Japanese Games You Should Be Playing!! (LINE PLAY, Love Live, and Meow Meow Star Acres)

Hello everyone! How have you been? Today I will be featuring three Japanese games that I've been playing for the past year :D They are all Japanese based, translated to English! There's a game for everyone here! 

Picture made by me x: Film strip was taken off of Google Images & The borders are from Deviantart.

This game is basically a way cuter and funner version of IMUV, Gaia online, Neopets and more. I love the customization of this game, there's always new Gacha and people to talk to! I've had this game since 2 years ago but never really dug into it till last year cause I didn't have a device to play it  One con of this is that it really heats up your device, so I wouldn't suggest playing this for hours straight!

When you login, you get free Gems and I believe after 1 week or so, you get a special prize! I really like their backgrounds for the avatars  I have several of them, and I love them all!! You can chat with other plays by going to different places (tapping the big "gem") and you can go to Times Square, Line Park, Pirate (to catch fish), and more!

They have four mini games for you to play. One of which is similar to Candy Crush, my most favorite one "Catch of The Day" was recently taken out and made only exclusive to Japan residents  I'm trying to find a way so I can play it again :'( The game that replaced it, Gold Rush, doesn't work on my device. And an important note is that you can't cross platform play this! Which means if you have an Apple device and an Android, you cannot switch logins because you will loose all your gems!

Meow Meow Star Acres
Meow Meow Star Acres is a farming game in which you are basically using Cats to farm! This game is super kawaii and they have tons of options of what to make here. The con of this game is the waiting time limit (same with every farming game) but the food produced and the number of different types of food you can produce is amazing. As you can see, I am close to level 50 right now!
Love Live! Is a recent game I found around 2 months ago! I suck at rhythm games but this game is super addicting. Right now it has an event going on and I am trying it out  On the easy mode though :'D 

The basic gist of this game is that you do Live Shows and complete the stories to get new members and increase their bonds together. Once you do this, you can collect new member's cards and scout people. I believe there is a limit of how many members you can have, but you can have multiple teams as well (I'm not sure how to switch teams atm QAQ) The music is great to listen to and the graphics are amazing. It's really hard not to get addicted to this one! 

That's it for the three games I recommend! Please check em out X: I also play Japanese mobile otome game's (in English of course) [over 10 OTL] and if any of you would like me to do a post on them I would love to! If any of you would like to add me as a friend on any of these games please comment down below! I forgot how to add people on LINE PLAY (Cause I forgot how to check for my Username/ID) but I will for sure add you!

What games do you play? Do you play any of these three games? 

Stay amazing!! 

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