Friday, May 8, 2015

Versatile Blogger Award

Hello! I've been nominated by Courtney @ Daiisoo x:

Here are the rules:

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  2. Share 7 facts about yourself
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7 Facts About Me!
  1. I'm a petite person :) Always been, I'm under 5 ft which is quite sad, but I've already embraced my height! Although there are slight disadvantages, there are also tons of advantages too x: 
  2. I love games :D I play all sorts of games, my main console has always been the PC but I've recently acquired the PS Vita and the 3DS so now I have them to play games on! I still have to save money ($40 each game) to get games, but I usually spend all my money on foods so *CRIES*
  3. I'm a camera whore. Literally, omg, anyone who knows me in real life knows this. I take lots of selfies and maybe one to three will go onto social media, usually instagram. If you want to see selfies of me... be sure to check out my instagram! LOL I delete them after a month or two cause I get self conscious omg >.<
  4. I love makeup. I collect makeup, mainly asian cosmetics (Korean) because they're so cute. I mainly use Lip and Eye makeups because I like how they bring out my features. I do not use foundation of any sort or BB Cream because I find that it is a hassle to apply it and also to remove it. I have dry skin so this is also why I stay away from skin makeup. I do however, use concealer (stick) and thats only when I have blemishes (when I have a pimple, pop it, and it scars OTL)
  5. I love trying new things :D Just yesterday, I tried a new makeup look (look at the selfie on my IG), and I think it looked great :) I brought some new false eyelashes but I've never tried them on till today OTL 
  6. I love making new friends, if any of you would like to become my friend please feel free to email me or contact me at IG X: Cause you all are fabulous and I would love to meet you! Is this considered a fact? LOL , Well here's an extra one...
  7. I LOVE BOOKS. Literally any type of literature! Actual books and mangas! I read them all :D I'm currently reading Sherlock Holmes and Alice in Wonderland :) X:
Thank you all for taking your time to read this! I am nominating:
and anyone that would like to do this!

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