Monday, May 25, 2015

WISHTREND Introduction + $5 Voucher!

Hello everyone! Today I have a store introduction for you! The store I want to introduce to you is WISHTREND I've known and heard of this store ever since it first opened up (2011~2012), from the famous YOUTUBE beauty guru Liah Yoo. I've personally never shopped on this store till this week LOL  Cause  the things were so expensive, but I happen to had money and so I decided to start on a skincare regime [I never had one before]. If you've seen my selfies/selcas on Instagram, you would notice I'm very pale, and have clear skin. But my skin type is dry to sensitive  So lately, it has been flaking and also black/white heads omg. READ ON TO SEE WHY THIS SITE IS SO GREAT + Future posts for 3 HAULS from WISHTREND!

Upon visiting WISHTREND, you will see this pop up box first. It clearly says that they offer World Wide Free Shipping Services, especially to the United States. Besides offering a great shipping service, I would like to state that WISHTREND also has a great customer service! I contacted them several times before ordering and they clearly explained everything to me 
WISHTREND mainly sells high-end skincare and makeup, so a lot of times, you won't find these products anywhere. These products are also hard to find via overseas, so WISHTREND is really the best way to go. What I love about WISHTREND is that they personally try these products out one by one, and they also tell you what skin type it suits on the product page.
This is currently the front page  Each week, they offer several of their best sellers to be in the free shipping section. This means that you will get free shipping with this item along with any other items that you put in your cart! Normally, the standard free shipping is $69, and for free EMS shipping it is $129. So this is a great deal especially if you want to try one or several of their bestsellers but didn't want to pay for shipping! ALSO: normal shipping is $10 while EMS costs $30. 

Wishtrend also offers a lot of deals throughout the months. They usually have at least a minimum of 10% off an item, or even 46% off an item! 

About Wishtrend
Wishtrend is herefor more beauty.
Wishtrend exists for one simple mission:“Help you to be more beautiful.”
We are believing that as long as you 'WISH' to be beautiful, you will bebeautiful. We explore all over the world to find the best cosmetics andintroduce them to the beauty inspiring explorers. Of course, those
amazing stuff which we discover will be delivered to your front door.
amazing stuff which we discover will be delivered to your front door.
“All women desire to be better and more beautiful in their lives.We believe that the basic thing to be more beauty is to usewell-qualified cosmetics in daily life. We are here to make a place.You can find the best solution for being better you.”
If you check out their Why Wishtrend, you will see informative reasons why you should order from them over any other companies! 
These are my favorite sections from WISHTREND [GREAT DEALS]
The first would be the BEAUTY STEAL! This section has a lot of the most popular discounted cosmetics there. 
Here are 6 Selections from this section so far! There are so much more on this page, go check it out!
My second favorite section is the SOL-KIT section! It basically means "Solution Kit" meaning there's kits filled with different products aimed for different types of skin and problems. There's one for deep cleansing, blackhead removal, acne treatment, and more! 
Here is a screenshot with 6 of the special kits there! These are such a bargain because all of them are discounted! For example, if they are originally priced at $112, WISHTREND will sell it for $62!! 
The third part that I love about WISHTREND is their WISHBOX section! This is similar to the famous MEMEBOX, but it is much better! This section is also discounted a lot of prices! Plus, a lot of the items are also targetted for different skin types and problems as well! 
Here are 6 selections taken from the WISHBOX page! BEWARE, all of the sections I've mentioned are HIGHLY POPULAR!!! PLUS it's proven to work for majority of the targeted skin type or problems! 
Besides these awesome offers, WISHTREND offers an invitation program where if you are a new user, you can get $5 off your first order! When you order using my promo code, I will also get $5 in return after you order  If you decide to use my promo code, just click on the link to register an account and then when you complete your profile information, you can also put my promo code in to get it :)
PROMO CODE: 295642404

Besides the $5 voucher code, they will also send you $1 discount, $2 discount, and $15% off. After each time you order from them, you will also get a 5% discount, and if you post a review on their website, you will get a 10% discount.

Also, each month on their blog, they will post several codes! There's usually a 10% off code, a free gift code, as well as several others!
Lastly, PLEASE check out WISHTREND's social medias! Because they have a lot of informative posts! Their YOUTUBE has a lot of tutorials, tips, and more! I've learned a lot from them!

This is one part of their youtube page! I'm currently going through all their videos LOL  You can see how they have makeup tutorials, skincare, and more on their youtube! It;s VERY worth checking out. PLUS they also tell you HOW to use their products as well as special promotions news!

I'll be leaving for now  Watch out for my MEGA haul on WISHTREND! I ordered 3 separate packages, all EMS, + in 2 days each LOL This has to be one of the largest haul I've ever done. I'm actually contemplating on uploading it on YOUTUBE but I don;t know LOL 

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