Wednesday, June 3, 2015

FAVORITE Lipsticks Review & Comparison

Hello~ Today's post will be about my favorite lipsticks (minus one) LOL  I hope you enjoy this post C:

Swatches from left to right: Kate Lipstick -> Etude House -> Elizabeth Arden -> Revlon Lip Butter

The Kate lipstick is a color that doesn't fit me. It's too pink and pale OTL Resulting in me never wearing it.
Etude House lipstick is super creamy like a lip butter, which is why I brought it. However, xD The lipstick broke in half OTL but I'm still using it.
My second favorite lipstick of all time is the Elizabeth Arden one! I got it as a gift and gosh, the color is so pretty! It's a rose color :)
My first lipstick, is the Revlon Lip butter, Candy Apple, it's a red - orange lipstick and it looks amazing! It's so creamy as well!

I would recommend all three lipsticks excluding the Kate one! I believe there are more shades available in the Kate line, maybe I just picked the wrong color up, but the other three are amazing! I mainly use red and pink lipstick / colors so these really fit in!

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