Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Mail from the Philippines!

Hello everyone!  Today I have for you a different type of blog post! This post is about one letter that I received from my lovely friend, Katrina, from the Philippines! image Next week I will show you what I will be sending her **dun dun dun dunnnnn* Now onto showcasing this beautiful letter!

These are the contents in the envelope! The envelope above contains a lovely hair bow that she gave to me! 
This is the mail tag questions as well as the reply to my mail tag questions in the last letter I sent out!  Ain't her handwriting just lovely?!

I love all the parts from this mail but my favorite part has to be the black and white card with the young women crying and what seems like octopus tentacles *V* I'm really big into Mythologies so the card is just so beautiful!

so much Katrina for sending me this lovely letter! I don't own any patterned designs paper so my letters lack QAQ So I will be purchasing some patterned paper for our next letter exchanged!
Do any of you have penpals? If not, do you want one? :D See you in the next post!

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