Monday, July 13, 2015

Huge Haul ~ Korean Skincare & Makeup!

Hello everyone! imageToday I will show to you a post that I have meant to show you for such a long time! I made around 3 large purchases on Wishtrend in the middle of May, and then I also went shopping for eyeshadow palette's and dark lipsticks as well! Continue to read below to see what I got :D Some of the things aren't show because I've either given it to my family or I've forgotten to include it image
So in this big haul, I will cover:
  • Korean Skincare from Wishtrend
  • American makeup [lipsticks/eyeshadow]
  • Korean eyeshadow
  • Japanese charger
 This is the general picture of what I got imageI gave away my Klairs BB Cream since I don't use face makeup like foundation etc, my night mask, and some Klairs masks!

Wishtrend is now my favorite go to site for skincare! They offer such great services and I'm almost done with my Klairs cleanser which I will be repurchasing! I will most likely make a big haul again because I want to get the EMS shipping option for free! imageFrom the Wishtrend website I got the following sets:
  • ENCA Acne drying Powder
  • Klairs Deep Cleansing Oil 
  • [CIRACLE] Jeju Water Sleeping Mask
  • Klairs Mask (26 of them)
  • [I'm FROM] Honey Mask
  • [BERRISOM] Eye mask
  • [Lei Lani] Sun Screen
  • Berrisom Lip Tints
I'll let the photos justify itself image

Now onto my second part of my haul :) The makeup! image

 So I got around 5 new lipsticks, out of the 4/5 are dark lipsticks. I really like the brand Revlon :) Maybelline is another favorite drugstore brand of mine as well! I've always wanted to try dark lipsticks but I was too scared to! I have a 'young' face so people always think I am younger than my actual age. My HS counselor also told me before I graduated "When you first came to our school you looked like an elementary, now when you're graduating, you look like a High Schooler!" imageimageimage
I've experimented with these lipsticks, and they give me a more mature look imageI think that dark colors also looks great for Autumn and Fall seasons. The one not dark color I got was an orange red lipstick and it looks so amazing that I couldn't help myself. I ordered on the site ULTA an they were doing a 'buy 3 get the fourth lipstick free' sale for Revlon!
I visited a big plaza and there was a new store for the Italian makeup brand, Kiko Milano! I picked up another dark lipstick and they had extremely creamy eyeshadows so I can't wait to go back to see what they have new! 
 Next is eyeshadow pots! I've always known about the brand ELF but never tried it before. I got one of their smudge pot and two brushes which I will review later on! I got the smudge pot in purple. I ordered one Maybelline color Tattoo that's been highly raved in the blogger world. Then I also ordered two Innisfree eyeshadows from Ebay! I couldn't help myself and swatched some of them already image
 Besides the 1 month supply of Klairs Face mask (I am now down to 12? Because I shared them image with family) I also got 3 Innisfree Cucumber masks because I heard how good they were image I purchased the Innisfree face masks from Jolse!
 Next, this isn't a makeup or skincare product, but a electronic. I love anime and manga, and I know this is a character from a well known manga! I've been eyeing this since I first found it but I never brought it until I saw the giveaway from Stressed But Kawaii's blog! I always had battery problems with my phone so I thought, why not! The original color costs around $55, I got the banana color off of Cheero's (official company) Ebay store for around $5 less! I had 3 day shipping (to US) so it was a bargain!

Last two items are from BHCosmetics! I've also heard tons about this company, raved from Youtubers about how affordable and amazing this brand is. I fell in love with the Galaxy Palette [Sucker for anything Galaxy related LOL + Mythology etc] and I also purchased their 'Wild Child' palette! I'm in total love with these two palettes and I use them nearly every week. I normally don't wear eye shadow at all, but these two palettes make it so easy! The colors are so beautiful and they are baked so you can wear them wet or dry! 

I'll most likely do a review on everything that I have posted here, but please tell me which products/items you would want me to post first! If you ever want to see any OOTD or how I use my makeup then please check out my instagram @pandahjessie! Comment down below with your IG and I shall check out your IG as well!

Thank you for reading this post!
*Disclaimer: I am in no way bragging about how much stuff I have or etc. I just wanted to share what I have hauled throughout 2 months because I personally, like reading about haul posts! I got a bunch of skin care stuff because I never had a skin care routine! When talking with my Korean pen pal she told me how Koreans already do their skin care when they are around 13 at the least! imageWishtrend experts also say that you should start taking care of your skin at least by the age of 20! I usually wash my face with water and that is it, but the skin care products I got from Wishtrend is so amazing! (Even though I am so lazy to use them every single day image)
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