Thursday, July 9, 2015

Petite Cherry ~ Kimi Floral Print Chiffon Review!

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Today I have for you a long anticipated review sponsored by the lovely company, Petite Cherry! Petite Cherry specializes in delivering bra's that will fit even the smallest chest size! They carry a variety of sizes and all of their bra's are beautiful and extremely comfortable!

A snippet from Petite Cherries website!
 Our goal: to make all women love themselves, and, above all, appreciate how smokin' hot they are. We’re starting with underwear, our second skin. As such, it should make us feel the most comfortable and confident form of ourselves. At Petite Cherry, we promise to create beautiful lingerie of unsurpassed quality and construction. Our evocative photography and descriptions give you an uncomplicated, true-to-life representation of our lingerie. We promise that you see is what you'll get; no surprises or your money back. To keep costs minimal we're doing everything in-house, from cutting the lace to tying a ribbon on your parcel before it's shipped out. Because why should feeling sexy cost an arm and leg?

Petite Cherry has kindly sponsored me one of their bra's for review. I have chosen to receive the bra set "Kimi Floral Print Chiffon & Lace Bra Set" in blue! They also have this bra set available in pink! All of Petite Cherry's bra's comes with a matching underwear. 
As you can see, the details of this bra is extremely detailed! I really loved this bra so much. Although there is an under wire, I didn't feel it at all and it really made a noticeable difference when I wore this bra versus normal non push up bra's!
There are no lose sew ends and everything is very high quality! It fits like a glove :D 
Here is the matching panty that came with my bra! Just like the bra, it is extremely comfortable and silky feeling. It feels high quality and like a second skin!

All of Petite Cherry's bra are so comfortable and beautiful. I want to own every single one of them! When you make 6 purchases on their website, they give the 6th bra free! You do not have to purchase 6 bra's at the same time, but individually as well! 
Overall, I definitely think that you should give Petite Cherry a try! If you often buy bra's from Victoria Secret, it is expensive and all their different lines have different sizes so you would need to remeasure each time! For an affordable price of $30 to $40 for a bra set, you are getting a really nice deal! One thing I should mention is that on the website bra description, it will tell you if you need to order a cup size bigger or not.
 I am still in the progress of finding the right size for me but the cup fits for the bra Petite Cherry sponsored me, but my band size did not! I tried out the "sister bra size" measurement because I didn't know if the size I was measured to be would be too big. Nevertheless, this wasn't a problem on Petite Cherries side but mine. I have brought a bra extender clip thing to lengthen the clip so it can be more fitting around my chest cage :) 
Furthermore, Petite Cherry does an excellent job of packaging the bra sets! They are packaged in a high quality black box with their logo on it. And the bra and the underwear are placed inside a high quality ziplock bag just in case the box gets torn up or the weather is raining when it is in transportation. This ensures that bra and underwear to be safe and to keep dry before it has been delivered to the customer!

Petite Cherry's Social Media

Please tell me, which bra set is your favorite on Petite Cherry's website?

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