Thursday, August 20, 2015

SKOSHBOX August 2015 Review

Hello everyone! Long time no see :) I got whipped into some real life stuff so I'm so sorry! I''m thinking about doing a August post where I just show what I have done... and ate.... because I eat a lot LOL. Anyways, Skoshbox was kind of enough to send me their August 2015 Dekabox for review purposes! I am so excited to show you whats in this premium subscription box!

This is what the Dekabox Skoshbox looks like when you open it up :) Every month, they will include a large postcard telling you the month of the subscription box, as well as if this is a special surprise box. On the back of the card, you will get to see all the things that are in your box in English so you know what the snack is and if you have allergies to it. In the Dekabox, you always get a special gift, for this month, it was a lovely Totoro Pen with several different variations that you can receive.

This is a close up photo of everything that is inside this Dekabox :) Skoshbox offers two different types of subscription boxes, one is small snacks while the other, dekabox, is full sized snacks for $24. I believe the Dekabox is a better value in the long run :) As you can see, this month's box is a special feature of the Japanese company, Glico! Glico is the makers of the yummy snack, Pretz, and they come in all kinds of flavors!

Everything is packed up so nicely! I really didn't want to take them out because they looked so peaceful QAQ
In this months Dekabox, you get 8 full size snacks. Since this month featured, Glico, we have 3 of there newest snacks! 
I personally enjoyed majority of the Pretz flavors that was included! I didn't really like the Tom Yum flavor, which is more acidic and lime tasting than anything else. But for the Pizza and the Sweet Corn, the flavors were spot on and it tasted just like its name.
The other snacks in this box this month where Prawn flavored crackers from Ebeeza (my personal favorite!!!!) Strawberry and chocolate covered candy from Caplicocot! (You need to freeze them before eating them!), this dried raisin crackers [which tasted just fine!], and my second favorite, the Watering KissMint that tasted just like Pineapples! (I wished it lasted longer!)
At first, I thought it was mint, but it was actually gum! And as soon as you take the packaging off of the outside, the strong scent of organic Pineaples really hits you in the face! I finished the whole back within the day xD
My second to first favorite snack from this box was this! Cream Puffs! These were so cute, and the packaging was so inviting! I love the packaging design as well, they made it easy to store even after you opened it! They tasted amazing, and everything was light and fluffy!

This is what EVERYTHING looks like once out of the box! Everything looks so delicious and tempting doesn't it? ;)
For the record, almost all of these full size snacks costs at least $4 each, minus the shipping if you don't have a local Asian snack store. Many of these, such as the Watering KissMint Gum, are super hard to find online (I've tried lol), you can find and buy these via the Skoshbox website! Each month they will stock up these featured snacks for snack lovers to buy :)

Please tell me, which one of these snacks are you interested to try and makes your mouth water? :)

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