Tuesday, August 4, 2015

[Trinity Styles] Puffy Blouse Dress Review

Hello everyone! This is a post sponsored by the wonderful company, Trinity Styles, and I hope you enjoy this post!! I choose to review the Puffy Blouse Dress set, as it looked great for interviews, presentations, work environment etc! image This dress set is in two pieces, the top is a wonderful blouse, and the bottom is a work dress (I'm not sure how to describe it!) 
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Besides the top blouse and the bottom skirt, it also comes with a nice silk (?) ribbon that you can tie around the waist on top of the skirt! I choose not to wear it because, well... I think I'm too wide OTL image And I don't know how to tie pretty ribbons OTL 
The material of this set was very high quality. I think the material it was made of was silk or something similar. It felt really nice to the hands and the skin! Trinity Styles is located in Canada, and the package was sent via Canada Post. It took 3 weeks to arrive and it does not come with a tracking number! 
In the up close details, you can see how there are no lose seams or ends in either the skirt or the blouse. Although both clothing items are very thin, its not sheer! There are some cons that I myself found when wearing this outfit outside!

I got this in size *small* and it fits wonderfully! (Under 5 ft) I was worried that the dress might be too long!
 It looks professional and casual! Perfect for places that requires dress codes!
 Shipping was fast and efficient, communication was always on point throughout transaction!
For the blouse, the arm area where it "holds you" there isn't an elastic band and if some people who has chubby arms like me, this would be very uncomfortable! 
 The blouse button holes are too large. Several times during the day when I was wearing this blouse, the buttons would always pop out without me knowing xD

And this concludes my review! I hope you guys like my new editing style LOL It's my first time doing a outfit review. *awkward with posing* And I will also be replying back to all the comments on this blog and checking out blogs posts as well (avoided blogger!) I got sick and twisted my ankle so I couldn't be on the computer for a couple of days *dies*

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