Monday, September 7, 2015

August Adventures 2015

Hello everyone! Today's post won't be a product review [I haven't done one in so long OTL] or a features post etc. It is about my month of August and all the lovely things I did c: Hopefully you enjoy this post and I will be posting reviews and such later this month as well!

First up is manga! I actually got these from B&N during July 2015! I'm a huuuge fan of Shokugeki no Soma aka Food Wars! And thus, started my first ever manga haul and collection! I am going to complete this series as well as collect two to three more mangas ;D

Second up would be this lovely Honey Mask from I'm From! You've probably seen this mask from my Wishtrend Haul a few posts back! Let me tell you, this mask is my holy grail and everyone who have used this says the same! I will have a review about this mask up soon! 

I got this ice cream at a restaurant (?) C: It came with vanilla ice cream, mango, herbal jelly, as well as the bottom fillings I forgot x: I also had this (technically it wasn't mine ;P) The white one included peanuts, white vanilla ice cream, as well as rice o_O 

I picked this up yesterday and due to lack of money, I couldn't get all the DIY candies *cries* This kit was actually hard and meticulous! With the two hi-chew like candy strips they gave me, I made up to 4 to 5 panda & tiger! It is now waiting in the fridge ^-^ Only two came out decent so -cries-


I went to Little Italy yesterday and came across several beautiful and amazing murals! This one by most was my favorite and I can't explain why! Just look at the eyes! I wish I could do something like this one day!

Anyone who knows me IRL knows that I am very into mythology! I love reading Greek/Roman/Norse and Asian mythologies, basically anything I can get my hands on! For my summer class, I took the course CLA Myth and I went to several different museums and took these photos of beautiful statues and sculptures! I am head over heels with them and I wish I could've spent more time! These are a selective few of what I saw and took ^-^ 

Although this painting isn't related to any mythologies or stories, I did find this painting really fascinating. I love the painter's style as well as how well everything looked. I was mainly attracted to the girl in the middle! 

I hope you guys all enjoyed my August Adventures, as school has already started for me! Take care and please comment down below how your summer went!

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