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Custom Decoden Case by IttyBittyMiniMade Review!

Hello everyone! Today I have for you a wonderful review, featuring one of my lovely friend's shop, IttyBittyMiniMade! Chey a.k.a the owner of IttyBittyMiniMade, makes custom decoden cases for almost everything! From phone cases to 3DS cases and more! Her prices are reasonable and her work is super high quality and cute! READ ON FOR LOTS OF PRETTY PHOTOS!!! (No seriously though, READ ON because this case is too pretty!)

The packaging Chey used was /super cute/!!! I didn't even want to open it OTLLL Besides the case, she included a sweet note and a lovely present! Along with her business card on how to contact her too!!

I tried to take photos of my case at different angles so you can see the full beauty of it! This was my first time ordering a decoden case and Chey made it very easy! The process is that you go to her shop, IttyBittyMiniMade, and you select the item "Kawaii Custom Phone Case." From there you select what phone case you have and if she doesn't have it listed, you can ask her if she has the phone case or if she can get it! Then in the order notes section, you would select what colors you want.

  1. Colors you want for the whipped cream: For my case, I selected the glittery translucent whipped cream! You can choose besides that or solid color whipped cream! I choose to have two different colors: pastel orange and yellow! 
  1. Resin pieces you want: You can choose what pieces you want on your cases! From chocolate bars, to crescent moon, to hearts and more! These takes around 24 hours to be made (for setting and doming etc). You have the option of putting images inside the resin pieces like I did there! I also did one quote!
  1. Overall Theme: Overall theme would be like, what resin pieces color would you like? Almost all of my pieces are gradient theme, and so are my whipped cream!
If you want anything else, you can always discuss with Chey ^-^

Details of the Case

Back and Front of the case!
As you can all see, I am super obsessed and in love with my case x: The front of the case has star resins and ribbon bow! 

My custom case is based upon one of my current favorite anime/manga: Food Wars / Shokugeki no Soma! One of my favoriteee *coughs* soontobecouple (hopefully), is Jun and Hayama ^-^ One of the memorable quote is "I fight only for Jun," so Chey split the quote into two and turned it so cute!!! I sent Chey the image I wanted and magic happened x:

The process of ordering a custom case from IttyBittyMiniMade!
  1. Place your order
  1. Clear or colored case [mine is clear!]
  1. Select specific resin's & colors
  1. Wait for resin to set and dry. 
  1. Chey will then show you several layouts she recommends! You could ask her to move, add more resin to your desire! She showed me 3 to 4 different layouts of both the back and the front! When I gave her the okay signal, she then started the whipped cream process!!
  1. Whipped Cream process: Fun part!! Chey showed me different colors of the whipped cream till I liked the colors! She kept mixing and mixing LOL I felt a bit bad for telling her to mix it lighter then darker and lighter again LOL
  1. After this process, you just have to wait for it to dry and shipped!!! Cheys whipped cream takes 30 minutes to dry versus 24 hours!
The whipped cream is soft but super strong! I really like how my colors came out! My color scheme was orange, yellow, and pink! Pink and orange was my gradient colors for my resin pieces. And my whipped cream is orange and yellow!

Chey was so nice to include a small gift for me! Below is my gift and I love it *O* I feel like it just completes my whole case!

She added a dust plug for me, which includes an sparkly orange star and a whipped cream with pearls! I love holding up my iPod case up even when I'm not using it because of how cute it is!!!

And this concludes my review!!! I have sooo many more photos of my case #obsessed #addicted, but I don't want to spam anyone haha! I'm already planning on my next 2 decoden cases *O* Just gotta save the money up c:

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P.S. Everything in Chey's store is handmade! From resins, to whipped cream!!! Oh! And also, I'm not sure if she did it on purpose, but my case is actually perfectly leveled! Some people might be afraid that its too bulky, but I don't believe it is ^-^ When I put it on the table, it lays there straight!!
P.P.S!!! This also only took more or less 1 week to make ^-^ The process seems long and tedious but it isn't!!!

Do you like decoden cases? Would you want one? :D My instagram is currently filled with images of my new case haha :> It's just too pretty <3

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