Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Innisfree Long Wear BB Cushion #21 Natural Beige Review

Hello everyone! Today is yet another review up! Surprising right?! imageToday's review will be on the Innisfree Long Wear BB Cushion in shade #21, this BB Cushion also has SPF 50+ PA+++ for people who would like sun protection as well! Essentially, BB cushion is BB cream in a "cushion" form. 
The Innisfree Long Wear BB Cushion in shade #21 can be brought on StyleKorean for $15 instead of $20 for a limited time! 

Description from Innisfree Website:
[Long wear makeup cushion strong against sweat and sebum] 
1. SWEAT PROOF strong against sweat and sebum: Clinical test on sweat proof effect completed 
2. 12-hour lasting makeup : Clinical test on 12-hour color-lasting effect completed 
3. Powerful UV protection with SPF 50+ and PA+++ protects the skin from the Sun 
What else you need to know: Natural Jeju mineral powder
How to use: Put an appropriate amount on the puff, apply lightly along the skin texture instead of the foundation and gently dab. Reapply and pat down, if needed.
This BB Cushion comes in four different shades: #13 Light Beige, #21 Natural Beige, #23 True Beige, and #31 Deep Beige.
There are several different shades available in the innisfree long wear BB cushion shade, but they're all for pale to tan skin colors image
Innisfree Long Wear BB Cushion in shade #21 English instructions available on the back of the box!
Innisfree Long Wear BB Cushion in shade #21 includes a puff along with the cushion. Underneath the puff, is a cover that you can pull up. It protects the cushion. Initially, when you first use the cushion, it has a paper cover over the cushion! And you have to remove the cushion first before using it ^^ This compact also comes with a mirror which I absolutely adore!
This is a close up photo on the cushion, the star!
I really love Innisfree Long Wear BB Cushion in shade #21! However, I am not sure if shade #21 is the right shade for me, I believe that the next time I re-purchase this product, I will try it out in shade #13! I am super pale and I was very surprised at home even though, shade #21 was slightly darker than me, it wasn't very noticeable. I was attracted to this BB Cushion because of how versatile and fast I can use it. With the puff it includes, all I have to do is tap it onto my face and blend it very easily. Compared to liquid BB cream's, I found this method much easier for me to use and control. Like all BB creams or foundation though, if you have dry skin, you should moisturize before applying this cushion because it tends to accentuates on dry patches! Innisfree Long Wear BB Cushion in shade #21 also sells refill cushions. Meaning, when your bb cushion is done, you can just buy a new cushion to replace it in your compact! You can save more money using this method!

So here are the pro's and con's summarized:
  • Easier and fast to use
  • Easy to blend onto skin
  • Contains high SPF levels to protect our skin from the sun rays
  • Light and travel friendly
  • Contains a mirror + The compact isn't too tight or loose, you can control at which angle the mirror should be and it wouldn't fall down or move
  • Has refill option that makes this product much more affordable
  • All of the shades tend to lean on the paler side of skin tones
  • Sort of hard to figure out which shade you are online, so trial and error
  • Accentuates dry patches on dry skin if no lotion used before hand
Do you use BB Cushions, if so, do you prefer BB Cushions or the original BB Cream, in liquid form? 

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