Friday, October 9, 2015

Style Korean Haul & Mini Reviews!

Hello everyone! Today I have for you a haul from Style Korean, also known as Honest Skin! Style Korean was renamed a year ago and they revamped their whole site along with the products they offered. Here is what their about us says!
Stylekorean is selling Korean cosmetics internationally since 2012.
We carry more than 3,000 different kinds of products in our warehouse in Korea.
All orders will be carefully handled by our well trained staffs and secure safe delivery to your house as early as possible.
Everyday Stylekorean sales team updates new products and secure stocks to satisfy customers’ various interests.
We are committed to bringing you the healthiest & safest products: Korean cosmetics, mineral makeup, natural skin care, organic hair care & the list goes on! All of our Korean products adhere to the strict guidelines set forth by the MFDS( Using KOREAN cosmetics & skin care products are a great, healthy solution for everyone! Additionally, our lines of organic cosmetics & organic skin care have been found to be very helpful for those with sensitive skin & allergies.

  1. [Innisfree] Long wear cushion #21
  2. [BRTC] The First Ampoule Essence 150ml
  3. [VDL] Tint Bar Triple Shot (#601 triple peach)
  4. [Innisfree] Canola Honey lip balm
  5. [Banila co] Prime Primer Photo Layer Powder (Naked Peach) 12g
  6.  [Sum37] secret programing essence sample
  7. [Holika Holika] Pig Nose clear black head 3 Step kit
  8. [Mediheal] NMF Aquaring Ampoule mask
  9. [Rien] Yungo The First Shampoo Treatment 250ml
  10. NWF Aquaring Ampoule mask
Here is all the items I got!!! I really love how StyleKorean has packaged their items and how fast they shipped it! The items got here within 2 to 3 weeks, AND there was like 20 layers of bubble wrapping to ensure safety!

Now onto the mini reviews!

The Innisfree BB cushion is a popular product in Korea where its basically BB Cream in a cushion pact form! I adore this product because it is easy to apply, easy to blend, and your hands do not get as dirty ^^ Furthermore, you do not need any additional brushes to use the BB cushion! The BRTC Ampoule Essence is amazing, I like how effective and instant the effects are, ampoule essence is similar to serums but much more effective! The VDL Tint Bar is my another favorite as well, this is because this tint bar has three different colors in one and it works super well for people like me, who can't do gradient lip makeup OTL The Canola Honey lip balm smells simply divine because it literally smells like the flowers *O* I actually drink those tea and the lip balm smells just like the tea!

The [Banila co] Prime Primer Photo Layer Powder (Naked Peach) , [Sum37] secret programing essence sample , [Holika Holika] Pig Nose clear black head 3 Step kit, and [Mediheal] NMF Aquaring Ampoule mask + NWF Aquaring Ampoule mask are the neutral products in this haul! I didn't see any difference with the Holika Holika Pig nose, but the sensation was super acidic and it hurt my eyes. I couldn't have it on for the allocated time, 15 minutes. The Banila Co powder is really nice, and smells similar to a baby powder. However, when it arrived, for some reason some of the product was leaked out but the packaging wasn't opened O:  My favorites in this category would be the MediHeal NMF masks because the are ampoule and they feel amazing. The last product, the sum37 essence sample, I didn't see or feel a difference either!

The [Rien] Yungo The First Shampoo Treatment smelled very herbal in my opinion, but like the sum37 essence sample, I didn't see any effects. It could be because they are samples and I didn't use it for longer times. 

Please check out StyleKorean as they have fantastic customer service!! Which products above do you like the most? Any item or product that you would like to try? Thanks for reading!

**Upcoming OTAKU post will be up *O*

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