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Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM) Haul!! ☆彡 With up to 15% off!

Hello everyone! How are you?! Today I have for you a haul post revealing my OTAKU sideimageI brought 95% of everything in this post from an online store called Tokyo Otaku Mode, or as people online call it, TOM-senpai! image TOM sells OTAKU products such as anime and manga art books and fanbooks, keychains, nendoroid's, ball joint dolls (BJD), anime DVD's and much more! When you use a friend's link to register for the first time for your first purchase, you can get $5 IN TOM POINTS and a $5 coupon! So that means $10 worth of discount! And TOM also gave out a 5% code that will expire on Halloween, October 31, 2015, which is a bargain!
How is this a bargain?image Well on Otaku Mode, you an only use ONE code per order imageMeaning you can't use a $5 off code AND a 5% off code. Also, if you spend $1 on TOM then you will get back 3 point (3 cent). But you can use your $5 in TOM points along with the current promotion, 5% off!image
The $5 in TOM points is only valid for 1 week I believe! Orders over $100  will receive FREE EMS, if you live in the states, it will take around 3 to 4 days to arrive! Register using this link right   before you order !
Coupon Code: You must download Otaku Mode's phone app first & go into the app, click points and coupons section, and apply it! 

The 5% code: OKDJFP expires on October 31, 2015
The 10% code: prince915 expires on October 31, 2015
2nd 10% code: hime915 expires on October 31, 2015 
3rd 10% code: pmtea915 expires on October 31, 2015

My order was over $100, I took advantage of the 10% code I found and saved around $15! The discount code is pmtea915 but I'm not sure if you can still use it! TOM also had the free gift wrapping option, which is usually $3 per order/item, I heard their gift wrapping bags are super high quality and they were right!

Here are all the items I got image 1 spiral notebook from San-x, 1 Umaru keychain (I wanted the Sanjoo one too image), 3 art books, 2 Japanese Beauty and Fashion Magazines, 2 Kaomaji Cups (they're half the height of a normal cup), 1 Free Folder, and 1 sticker!

TOM always includes a free A4 size folder from one of their artists, along with a thank you post card! I think they changed what they give imagebecause I got a 2 inch sticker instead! Both the folder and the sticker are high quality! 

I absolutely adore Umaru-chan! She is a character from the anime/manga, Himouto! Umaru-chan! I originally wanted to get this one (Daisukii?) and the Sanjo one, but Sanjo has been out of stock for so long! This keychain is quite large, maybe 1.5 inches to 2 inches in height, high quality, acrylic I believe and doesn't bend or will break! And it is also water proof! 

I went to Kinokuniya with my friend for the first time this Thursday! This is the Umaru-chan picture book/fan book! I was originally going to buy it on TOM as well but image -forgive me Umaru!!-

From TOM I got 3 art books: Yana Toboso (mangaka who draw's Black Butler), Aki Akane (artist who drew "Rolling Girl," a popular Vocaloid song), and Io SakiSaka (mangaka who drew Strobe Edge & Ao Haru Ride)! image
When I went to Kinokuniya, I got two items! The first one was the October Margaret 2015 issue! I wanted to get Margaret because of mangaka Yamamori Mika's work is featured there! I absolutely adore all of her works, and I really hope her manga's get licensed in English in the States! Japanese magazines are a bit smaller than A4 size paper, but each month they feature around 3 to 5 different authors work! I don't read Japanese but I love looking at the art up close to analyze!
The two magazines I got from TOM was Zipper (Harajuku and Japan street fashion centered) and Nicola!imageI also wanted several other issues but I decided against it!image I found that the price on TOM is similar or equivalent to the prices in Japan! Usually on Amazon JP for example, Japanese beauty + fashion magazines and Manga Magazines (such as Margaret) are around $25 to $50, due to the weight of the books! (Manga magazines are around 300 to 400 pages long!) Both Zipper and Nicola each costed around $6 and they are the October issues!image

The last two items I got on TOM is two Kaomoji Cups image As mentioned earlier, these cups are almost half the height of your normal cups! They are so cute with their faces above and they costed less than $6 each! On the back there is a phrase, I'm not sure if they are different on each one and what they say xD Any help Yuku-chan? image I'm thinking about purchasing another one on my next haul (before end of October!) unless the other two mugs I want will be back in stock! 
***My long panda shirt dress matches the cups image + Probably should've wiped the water drop on the cup x:

The last item for this post would be the second item I got from Kinokuniya on Thursday! I already have Food Wars volume 1 to 6 (blog post that you can see here!) So I just purchased Food Wars Volume 7 image
Another reference to another blog post is my amazing + kawaii decoden iPod case! It features Jun and Hayama and if you missed that post and would like to see more, click the above link! image
I hope everyone enjoyed this post as much as I did typing it up! There will be another post up maybe around November when I make my second haul on TOM image
If you are thinking about ordering on TOM, please keep in mind that every weekend Tom will so a weekend TOM points where you can earn more with one order! image
TOM is also doing a giveaway! All you have to do is buy one manga with your order and you will be entered to win a $50 coupon! -fingers crossed-image
Upcoming beauty review posts will also be coming up in the next few weeks or so!

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