Monday, October 19, 2015

VDL Tint Bar #601 Triple Peach Review

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? Today's review will be on one of my newest favorite product, VDL's Tint Bar in #601 Triple Peach. I'm sure majority of you have heard of lip tints, especially with the popularity of them rising in the beauty sphere! Lip tints are generally in a liquid form where after you apply it, it will stay on for 8 hours or more. There are a variety of colors available, and recently, Berrisom had come up with a new and innovative formula that revolutionized, in my opinion, lip tints! In simple words, lip tints are used for people who would like pigmented colors and that they don't have to take the time to reapply it! 
VDL's Tint Bar are basically lip tints in a lip balm/lipstick form! It contains three colors and it allows you to create versatile lip colors within that shade! 
I received this tint bar in my haul from Style Korea, which you can read here!

Description from Style Korean: VDL Tint Bar Triple Shot is a triple-colored lip tint that creates petal-bitten gradient effect with a single touch. It offers main color, subcolor, and a base color that enables anybody to create a soft, petal-bitten gradation effect. Carrying all functions of tine, lip balm, and lip base, it provides a comfortable and long-lasting wearability as well as versatile lip effects depending on how the three colors are worn.  
1. Main color: Enriched with Royal Jelly extract, this color layer brightly stains lips as it moisturizes, preventing drying and chapping.  
2. Sub Color: This lightly tinted balm conditions and seamlessly blends color into your lips for a natural, gradient effect.  
3. Base Color: This lip base naturally blends the lip line with your original skin tone and evens out and nourishes discolored, dry lips into a smooth, even base. The base prevents feathering and creates a purer, lasting color effect.
Inside the VDL Tint Bar box, VDL include a small paper with instructions and a description of the tint bar! I really like how they included both English and Korean instructions for people oversea's :)
I highly recommend VDL Tint Bar for everyone who is looking for something between a lip tint and a lip balm! This lip tint is very soothing and moisturizing on my lips! I really love how I can create different colors by positioning the lip tint at different angles! Furthermore, this lip tint stays on for 4 to 6 hours and gives a very subtle look on your lips! I would love to get the rest of the VDL Tint Bar set ^^
The above photo is swatches taken using the suggested two ways: Voluminous Gradient Lips and Long Lasting Milky Colored Lips
The above photo was just me applying the tint bar at different angles on my arm! As you can see, even though the colors comes out peach like it is intended to, if you apply it at another angle, it gives a more rose peach effect which I really like!
To see more colors in this collection and see the ingredients, or to buy this product,please visit this link!

Do you use lip tints, and if so, do you think you would be interested in this product featuring three different colors?

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