Sunday, November 1, 2015

[Acwell] Aqua Clinity Cream Original Review

Hello everyone! Here is another review >O< Today's review is on [Acwell] Aqua Clinity Cream [product information here] I got this product from my STYLEKOREAN Haul here [CLICK HERE TO READ] 
Acwell Aqua Clinity Cream is rich hydrating cream that alleviates stress on skin that has become sensitive and tired. This Aqua Clinity Cream contained the Puritox jin and Centella asiatica, so it makes the skin healthy and beauty with abundant moisture. This cream is free from harmful elements, which makes Acwell a truly unique product. Free from paraben, artificial dye and mineral oil. It calms sensitive skin promptly, suitable for sensitive skin.

At the last step of basic skin care, take an appropriate amount and apply it over the face softly following skin texture. Pat lightly until fully absorbed.

  • Hydrating
  • Revitalizing
  • Absorbing
  • Purifying
  • Soothing

This cream includes a sturdy protective cap that ensures that none of the product would escape! You can tell that unless you pull the cap off, none of the product would come out! I usually use the cream that is stuck on top of the cap before I go into the jar >O<
This cream is filled to the brim of the good stuff *O* It has a light hint of something acidic, like lemons! 
The texture and thickness of this cream is just perfect. I loved applying this on my skin! As soon as I applied it, I felt a soothing feeling, chilly for a few minutes. The light scent of lemons made me appreciate this cream even more! After application, you would not see a visible layer of film or anything that would indicate that you have applied a cream. It absorbs fast, and keeps your skin moist for almost 8 to 12 hours!
I love this cream! It's super absorbent and moisturizing! I really like how cool and soothing it makes my skin feel, sort of the feeling you get after you get sunburned and you apply Aloe Vera! The packaging of this cream is super high quality. I thought it was something out of Sephora LOL I will repurchase this cream after I finished this! 

Note: This is the original one that I got! There are two more: one in orange for double moisture and the white one for toning properties! Please click this link to read more about the other two if you are interested!

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