Monday, November 30, 2015

Adventures in November~!

Hello everyone! I hope the month of November has treated you well :) For many people, including me, this is the last month right before our Finals. May we all pass with flying colors!imageMy month of November was very, interesting so to speak. Here is a run down with photos that I tried to keep track of :) I decided to do this post after seeing my lovely friend, Yuku's New Collections post imageCheck out her post here ~


  • KLAIR's Sheet Masks [from haul post here]
  • BHCosmetic's Galaxy Chic Eyeshadow Palette
  • EOS Hand Lotion [Cucumber & Berry Blossom]

  • [PS VITA] {OTOME GAME} Code Realize
  • [PS VITA] {OTOME GAME} Norn 9
  • [PC] Life is Strange
I brought my PS Vita earlier this year because there were 3 Japanese Otome Games being translated to English! Amnesia, Code Realize, and Norn 9! Plus I had to get the Vita for my beloved PERSONA 4 GOLDEN image I've only played Life is Strange Episode 1 so far, and I like the graphics!

  • Sprinkles is an cupcake and ice cream shop that was raved by my friends ^^ 
  • Has an cupcake ATM machine where you swipe your card and a cupcake gets dropped to you!
  • My friends and I went to Sprinkles in the rain :>
  • The flavor I got was "Blood Orange," it was a bit too bitter though xP

Paris Baguette Bakery Café's TART-PIE THING
  • I'm not sure what this is called, it's not really a pie but not a tart either. So I call it a tart-pie thing image
  • Has cinnamon, apple, pineapple, and raisin! Was suuuuper good!
  • I took a lot of close up shots with this tart-pie thing c: I'll spare you all the delicious torture ;)

  • I got Chipotle's Burrito Bowl image
  • White rice, chicken, sour cream, avocado, tomatoes, cheese, and corn 

  • I had a lovely birthday!
  • My friends got me food (the best present there is to give to a broke student image)
  • The birthday cake above was a 'tiramisu cake' <3 I'm not sure why it resembles Japan's old flag image[I didn't pick the cake out] Tiramisu was an amazing cake!
  • My other friend, E, got me a Lemon CheesecakeimageThank you so much E!
  • Not shown above because it was devoured, I got 'White Chocolate Blueberry Scones' in which I forced my friends to eat them with me image
  • Not listed above ; I got a wonderful BDAY Card which was designed with sushi *O*
  • I also received a panda hat from my friend E; suuuuper softtt!

Last but not least, I just did my nails again today ^^ Although I did repaint my first finger and my pinky! I really liked the dripping nail look and I'm looking forward to getting a chocolate brown nail polish soon! Excuse the looks of my nails haha image;
  • Not listed/Sort of listed ; Japanese milk candy! Too deliciousss 
I also took some photographs of my city, however, c: It remains a secret until I get the courage to post it up here!

How was your November? Will any of you make a November post?

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