Monday, November 9, 2015

I'M FROM Honey Mask Review

Hello everyone! Today's review will be on my long over due, HOLY GRAIL, face mask! It's from the brand I"M FROM and it is their Honey Mask!
Real Herval Honey inside ! (38.7%) 
Directly provided from Jiri Werl-Peyung Village. Korea. 
Deep moisturizing I'M FROM Honey Mask. 
Brand : I'M FROM 
 Volume : 120g 
 Exp date : 15. Apr. 2018 
 All Skin Types  
Made in Korea 
Inside this box, there is already a spatula included. However, with an additional $2+ you can get the silicone brush as well! The silicone brush makes application really easy and it doesn't get sticky and it is really easy to clean.
IM FROM's Honey Mask smells super divine. It smells like real honey, making you want to eat it straight from the bottle!
The texture of this mask isn't super sticky, however, as soon as you apply it onto your skin, you will feel instant soothing effects, similar to aloe vera. I use this mask to treat my sunburns and also to keep my skin moisturized and brighten it up once per week! 
I would take a little bit of the honey mask with the spatula, and spread it out with the silicone brush. The brush makes applying an even application of this mask super easy. Next, I would wait from 15 minutes to 20 minutes before washing it off. Immediately, after washing this mask off, you would feel that your skin is softer, moire moisturized, and a bit brighter. I adore this mask and I hope everyone can try this mask out as well!

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