Sunday, November 22, 2015

TOSOWOONG Makeon Princess Set #1 + Set #2 [Review]

Hello everyone! Today's review will be on TOSOWOONG's Makeon Princess Set #1 and Set #2! These are Pencil Gel Liners, meaning they are supposed to be better than regular pencil liners! This review was sponsored by Tosowoong and I would really like to thank them for allowing me to try some of their products out! So onto the review!


  • Easy to apply and soft spreadability
  • Waterproof
  • Can be used as eyeshadow
The eyeliners are packaged in a beautiful tin can, that can be used to store other things if you want to take all of the eyeliners out! Each set comes with 5 different eyeliners. There are THREE different sets to the Makeon Princess line! 
  • Party Tonight Pearl Black
  • Lovely Espresso Brown
  • Sexy Vampire Burgundy
  • Secret Princess Gold
  • Look At Me Lovely Beige
  • My First Time Purple
  • Aqua Deep Blue
  • Wild Real Khaki
  • Lovely Wedding Peach
  • Happy Valentine Choko
**One important thing to note is that the black part of the top liner, IS NOT a twister/sharpener. Twisting or pulling on that part can result in a broken product!
With each package, TOSOWOONG provides 5 free samples of their products to try out. AND they have an event going on for instagram, where if you post your photo with the #tosowoong and email them, they will send you a free product with your next order with them!


I am head over heels for these liners, they are super creamy to apply and they are also very pigmented as well! I mainly use these gel pencil liners for lining my waterline and I really like the variety of colors available from TOSOWOONG! More importantly, all of these colors in both sets can be used in multiple ways such as highlighting your tear duct, lining your upper eyelid, wearing it as eyeliner and etc!

These liners are:
  • True to it's color
  • Waterproof (I ran warm water over it for 10 minutes and then rubbed on it, the eyeliner didn't budge!)
  • Can only be removed with oil based remover
  • Creamy
  • Easy to apply and remove
The con's would be:
  • Needs a sharpener to get a fine point over time
  • The cap can get stuck
I would definitely recommend TOSOWOONG's products to everyone. The shipping took less than 2 weeks [Korean to USA] The one thing I would say is that when buying these pencil sets is to not put the cap onto the eyeliner when you are using it. My cap got stuck onto the top of my pencil for several of the liners and one of them broke as a result :(
The top of the pencil liner got stuck into the cap and then it broke x.x If you are lazy sharpening pencil liners like I am, you can also check out TOSOWOONG's autotwister pencil liners! Those you can just twist and the product will come out!

TOSOWOONG's liners are similar in quality to Urban Decays! But they are more affordable and I prefer TOSOWOONG's over Urban Decay :) 

After trying these products out from TOSOWOONG, I really want to try many more of their products!

Which types of eyeliners are your favorite? Pencil, Liquid, or Gel?

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