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Berrisom Peel off Lip Tints Review

Hello everyone, how are you all? Long time no post right? LOL My last post was at the end of November. Busy, busy times! Today's review is actually on the Berrisom Peel Off Lip Tint! I brought this product waaaay back during summer of this year, and now, it's December now image I've had a lot of time to try these products out and I hope you like it too! Btw, I purchased 5 of the 9 colors (they added 2 new colors since I last purchased it)image all from Wishtrend

Berrisom Peel off Lip Tint, is exactly as the name sounds. Basically, you would apply this lip tint on your lips fully, and wait for 5 to 10 minutes for it to dry. Then you would peel it off, and you will have long lasting lip tint for 12+ hours! It is resistant to water and eating! imageIt is perfect for people who don't like to touch up and don't want to worry about smudging!
The five colors I got was image 
Lovely Peach 
Candy Orange 
Pure Pink 
Sexy Red 
Chic Purple
Individually, this product normally sells for $16 per one tint. But on Wishtrend, it's only $8! imageI'm actually tempted to order the 2 new colors and repurchase some of these tints xP This product is a bestseller in Korea as well! image
So the instructions for this tint is to wait for it to dry for 5 to 10 minutes. I usually wait for 15 to 20 minutes just in case it hasn't fully dried yet! image If you are like me, and don't like to wait for 15 minutes early in the morning before school to use this, here's a cheat tipimage Apply this lip tint the night before (maybe 15 minutes before you head to bed) That way, you can wait for this tint to dry when you are doing homework, and when you are done with work, the tint will be ready to be peeled off! I found out this way works best with me because in the morning, I'm way too lazy to wait this long. While you have applied this tint, you can't speak, eat, or drink either. 

After applying this tint, it doesn't budge with water or eating or anything. I really like this tint for the natural color and how it won't smudge and doesn't need touch up! image
I know, the colors looks so bold in the swatches above! But this is only before you peeled it off! image You can also layer it and mix and match! 
I actually don't have photos of the lip tint after I peeled it off (my camera died), image so here is the link to Wishtrend's swatches!
The above photo is of the same photograph but the left one, I edited it to have darker lighting to show the color of the product. While the left one is the unedited photo that I took. Both are my attempt to show the colors of the products! **One thing to note is that I have quite light lips and when I applied these products, they do show up just like the Wishtrend's photo above. I believe depending on your own lip color, the colors will show up differently, sort of like those lipsticks that changes color with body heat :)

So pro's and con's for this product! 
  • Long lasting
  • Colors are true to it's website (wishtrend)
  • Doesn't smudge
  • Waterproof
  • All of them smelled nice except the 'Chic Purple' one image That one smelled like medicine grape 
  • Takes up to 10 minutes for it to dry (but oh so worth it!)
  • Can't talk/eat/drink when you have applied this tint to dry!
  • Sort of expensive but not when brought at Wishtrend!
**TIP: Be sure to exfoliate or moisturize your lips the night before or a few hours before using! Or else the product will stick and accentuate your dry lip lines! Also! One thing great about this product is that it doesn't leave a weird dark color on your lips like liquid lip tints (not sure if I make sense) I find that this tint leaves equal amount of color coverage all around (depending on how you have applied it) 

Overall, I am very satisfied with these products! I really love these products, and I love adding a bit of lip gloss right on top of it image Have you ever tried peel off lip tints before?!

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