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{ // December 2015 } Happy Holidays! Mini Haul, Pen Pal Letters, Korean Cosmetics, Haikyuu, Books, & Food! ☆彡

Hello everyone! Happy December 31st! I know for some of you, it's already January 1, so HAPPY NEW YEARS as well! Like my previous November 2015 post, this entry will be photo heavy! imageIf you are hungry or didn't eat yet, beware... this post will make you hungry imageThis post contains mainly food and mini hauls ;3 

For anyone who follows me on Instagram, you would have already seen these images! The above image is one glazed donut and one bostom cream donut! I also received two boxes of the infamous Japanese chocolate, Meltyblend (tea & strawberry)image and I just thought my Food Wars! Manga would look nice in the background image
I haven't been to LUSH for so long, so I was craving to re-purchase their Body Butter, Aqua Marina, but apparently it was discontinued last year imageSo I settled on trying a similar body butter, called Buffy! I haven't used it yet so we'll see how it goes! The second item is a freshly baked blue berry muffin image
Next up is a package I received for product testing purposes provided by Influenster! Influenster is a website where you can find valuable information about a variety of products! (95% of them are all American products though!) Anyone can sign up, and each week / month they send out different boxes for people to try and review (on their website with 3 to 4 lines of words!) This is my second box and it smelled heavenly! 
Next up is my very tiny, Jolse haul! Jolse is an online shop that sells lots of Korean cosmetics and skincare! They are known for their customer service and lots of samples
I got one of their COSRX Acne Patches, Etude House Pudding Tint, and not listed in the photo, I also got the Etude House Water Lip Tint
I already used 2 of the samples in the zip lock baggie they gave me! I counted 14 samples imageI wasn't kidding when I said Jolse gives a lot of samplesimage Currently, Jolse is also doing a promotion where if you buy any of the COSRX products, you will get a random Christmas Sheet AND a bag filled with COSRX samples!
imageI've been waiting for this package/small haul for so long and it's finally in my hands! imageThe above goodies (NOT ALL ARE LISTED because I want to create suspense for my upcoming post image) are from my AMAZING friend, KRIS-SENPAI, who draws AMAZING ANIME MERCHANDISES FOR US FANGIRLS TO JUST NONSTOP BUY image
I took photos of my items without taking the plastic things off but the above is just a small preview! I'm planning on ordering a second package soon, so I'm not sure if I will wait for the second package to arrive and do a collective post image
I manage to went to MUJI before my semester ended, since it was December there was an additional discount! I grabbed 2 packs of notebooks and I also purchased one of their infamous pens (0.7mm) and their ranch pretzels imageI already decorated and labeled my notebook covers for next semester so yayy! 
Second photo is about the stickers I got from Tokyo Otaku Mode! I made a small mini order, and they included a poster, a folder, and the lovely red sticker in my package! I adore their stickers image
Some letters I've received from my penpals! The first letter is from my friend Nina! She included a pen for me! The second letter on the top row, is from my friend Amy! And on the second row imageMy friend, Ash [here's her blog] and we became penpals! She sent me such a beautiful letter! imageThe fourth card is a birthday card I received from all of my friends! They know how much I like sushi! image

I was super surprised to find chocolates inside! And her handwriting was so beautiful and sweet!!! 
For Christmas, my friend, Paz, got me this lovely big Sloth plushie from Tokyo Otaku Mode! This plushie is super soft and it's half my size imageThank you so much Paz! image
I'm an avid reader and I read quite fast! I tend to read 300 to 700 pages in one day image For this break, I'm planning on finishing all of the books above! I've already read Magnus Chase (first book) and I adore it! (Huge fan of Rick Riordan) The other books are books recommended by my friends and I've heard great reviews on it! [This section is influenced by my friend Yuku!]
This was my December month in a post! Do you have any New Year goals? 

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