Saturday, February 27, 2016

Little Lycan Custom Extra Small Cat Ears Review!

Hello everyone! Long time no see Today's review will be on my recently new purchase, hand crafted ears from my lovely friend, Rei, from @Little.Lycan on Instagram! Everyone should go follow her because she makes beautiful realistic ears! 
Animal ears are all the rave these days, and if you're a College Student like me, you might be too busy to actually do cosplay or wear a complete outfit! I thought that the cat ears I got would be perfect for both everyday wear as well as an easy Halloween costume  [I'm just lazy x:]

  1. Check @little.lycan instagram for store updates such as if her orders are closed are open! She will post a photo letting people know when her shop will be open again! Example: March 1st, at 12PM EST! 
  2. Website above is closed? Don't fret! This is because the orders for that month is already closed, but you can check out her instagram page for ideas of how you want your ear! [P.S. You should seriously follow her for shop updates and mega kawaii animal ear designs ]
  3. Little.Lycan also does monthly (?) giveaways on her store!
  4. Accepted Payments: Paypal + All major credit card payments!
  5. Where is my order? Check her instagram page for order processing date and also the newest updates (such as if the headbands came late so orders are delayed etc). If you paid with paypal, you can see your tracking # on your order, but the shop will also send you a email when your ears are shipped!
Now the above image shows some of the items you can buy! As you can see you can choose between Cat Ears, Bunny Ears, Dog Ears, Puppy Ears,Bear Ears,Fox Ears,and many more! If you want a specific type of breed, such as a husky dog ear, you can choose the custom option on the "Dog Ear" item! 
Besides Ears, she also does different sizes tails! You can either have a solid color tail or have the tips of your tail colored! These are at no additional cost & recently she just did a striped tail! One thing to note is that all of her tails are not wired, and it will come with a ribbon for you to tie around your waist!
Now, from the above two photos, you can see I was stuck between 2 different sizes of Cat Ears!  The standard and the extra small ears are the same price, but I wasn't sure which size would look the most natural on me! In the end, I choose the extra small cat ears option and it was perfect!  On the website for each listing, you can also see approximately how long each size of ear would be!
Rei took a photo of my ears to show me how it looks like  I was so excited to get it! Now, one thing to note is that when you get your ears, you do need to fluff them out and also fold the inner corners! This is to allow you to make your own style and make your ears your very own! 
This is taken from her instagram page again! Its a photo with instructions on how to fold the inner corners and fluff the fur! BTW, you can move the ears up and down as you wish on the headband!
This package came securely in a bubble mailer! It only took 2 days to arrive via USPS within USA to USA (Shipping is $3!)  Now, inside the package, the Ears itself is protected with tissue paper! I also received 2 bows for my ears with bells on it, and also a choker and one candy (I devoured it already heh) + A lovely note from her!
The two images above are the BACK side of my ears (Black) and then the second photo is the front side of my ears! As you can see, I folded them and did a poor job at fluffing em  I need to learn how to fluff them properly >< 

  • No shedding on the ears!
  • Ears on both side of headband is easy to move to adjust!
  • Headband doesn't stand up on your head!
  • The headband ends doesn't feel too tight or dig into your skin 
  • Sturdy making, won't fall off!
Overall Rating: 100000/10 

I would also like to recommend these ears over the $1 to $3 pairs you see on eBay. Although those pairs are considerably cheaper, their quality are also cheaper and they aren't as realistic/natural as the ones made by Little.Lycan! I own both the eBay ones and this one, and I must say that this one is my preferred pair. Not only can you custom choose what type of colors you want, you can also adjust your ears in any way that you'd like depending on your mood! 

 This is the back side of the ears, and the side view of the ears! The main colors I choose was brown because I wanted a natural pair of ears! 
Besides the Ears, the hair bows and the choker was also beautifully made! The hair bows uses a clip on the back, that is gun glued to it! The choker was Rei's first time making them, but it looked like it was from a professional already!!! 
Close up image of the velvet lace choker  As you can see, there are no outside stitches poking out and I also pulled on it from both sides (from end to end) and it isn't fragile at all! My favorite part is how the small bell can be removed at your preference!
 Here is another ear from Little.Lycan! If you go to her instagram page, you will see TONS of different types of colored ears and styles! They're all beautiful!
Little.Lycan also makes handmade berets with mini cat ears on them! They will be up on their site, and they also have baseball caps where you can have small cat ears on them as well!
I already placed a second order for small fox ears! >w< image
Now, why don't you join me and become a Neko/nekomimi?! 

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