Saturday, April 30, 2016


Hello everyone! April is coming to an end and I thought, why not do a post to update you with what's new? I missed several monthly posts because I've been so busy but here's an update!
THIS POST WILL INCLUDE: Summary, Recent Buys, Books, Food, Travels and other such! 
In the past couple of months, I've been busy with school work  This week is actually my Spring break then in 2 weeks I have finals! But I have a 12 page paper due so Nothing really exciting happened so  I also posted some new posts, so in case you miss them, here they are!
Around the last week of March, my friend P and I decided to go to a cafe called "Bibble & Sip" at Manhattan, NY!  Our other friend, E, showed us the delicious food they served on Snapchat! Their most popular pastries is the Matcha Cream Puff and their Pana Cotta!! I brought 2 of their Matcha Cream Puffs & 1 Earl Grey Tea Pana Cotta! While P brought 1 brownie and 1 Matcha Cream Puff It was such a happy day 

Here's a GIF of a video I took of my friend opening her Matcha Cream Puff! The GIF is a bit choppy but you can view it on my INSTAGRAM 
So one of my APRIL POSTS was about this wonderful set of Tarot & Oracle Cards I brought from LIGHT GREY ART LAB There are more information and beautiful photos of this deck!

  • FOOD WARS Vol. 9
  • FOOD WARS Vol. 10
  • ORANGE by ICHIGO TAKANO Vol. 1 - 3
 [BxB manga] Sekai-ichi no Hatsukoi Vol. 1 - 4 
  • Dirty Pretty Things by Michael Faudet
  • Memories by Lang Leav
** A fun fact is that Lang Leav & Michael Faudet are lovers  They are both releasing new books this Fall 2016!
Recently I've been addicted to this game called DREAM GIRLFRIEND for mobile devices I was introduced to this by my dear friend, Rei, owner of Little Lycan! I like dressing up Kobato and I really like all of the outfits in this game! The game constantly have events and it's good to kill time!

Pulling up some old selfies  The first photo is featuring LITTLE LYCAN's [LINK HERE] amazing fluffy tail here! Rei, the owner, made my tail using mainly dark brown and the tip of the tail is burgundy, orange, and red!

Now the last two photo's are random OOTD (?) posts from October? 
Surprisingly, I didn't buy a lot of cosmetics this year! Here are the things I brought:
COLOURPOP - Ultra Matte Lips - Creeper & Bumble
BODY BLENDZ - Coconut Delight
ARITIAUM - Style Eye Palette
So that's it for this month! I hope you enjoyed reading this post! 

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