Saturday, April 23, 2016

LIGHT GREY ART LABS: Cosmos Tarot & Oracle Deck [ORACLE]

Hello everyone! Today's post isn't a review post but a post featuring something new I brought?  I'm not exactly sure what to label these posts since I have a lot  I contemplated a long time before purchasing Light Grey Art Lab's Cosmos Tarot & Oracle Deck and I finally received it yesterday! It's super beautiful and I love it so much!  I wanted to share this beautiful deck with you all! This post will mostly talk about the Oracle Deck because I haven't gone through the Tarot deck yet! 
DESCRIPTION [from site]
In coordination with the Light Grey Art Lab COSMOS Exhibition (Opening October 30th, 2015), 100 artists have come together to create a comprehensive Tarot & Oracle deck featuring the myth, mystery and metaphor of the modern constellations, planetary, and astral bodies of the universe!The decks feature gilded edges and gold-foil constellations. The project contains 78 gilded Tarot cards, and 22 gilded Oracle cards, each with quick-reference key-words on the front of each card.The deck is interactive and includes a 150 page guide to how to read the Cosmos, instructions and guidance for eight different spreads, and information on the history, lore and symbolism for each subject.
I was originally looking online to find a tarot deck that I liked and I came across this deck!  Anyone who knows me would know that I love Mythology and the Galaxy / Milkyway, so this deck caught my interest immediately!
This deck/set costs $35 excluding shipping and the store ONLY ships during Saturday or Sundays! Although the store had updated me with a tracking number on Sunday? This item wasn't shipped until Wednesday  However, the shipping method was USPS Priority 2 days and I got it on Friday 
As soon as you open the box, you will see the box separated into 3 different sections! The purple cards is the ORACLE DECK and the Blue/Teal cards is the TAROT DECK. The oracle deck only contains 22 cards!
Here are all of the oracle cards spread out! Majority of the character representations in this deck are based upon Greek/Roman Gods & Goddesses! 
On the top of each card will be what number card it is! While on the bottom is what character is represented on the card and what qualities it symbolizes!
Here are some (3) of my favorite cards! I love them all to be honest As the description says, this deck has gold coloring all around the deck! (The photos on the shop link would better explain what I am talking about!) On the cards itself, there are also some gold outlines as well 
I'm very satisfied and happy that this is my first tarot & oracle deck! I love all of the art on the tarot cards & The small guidebook is VERY informative! I love reading about the interpretations and what each card means in relationship to traditional tarot cards!

If anyone would like me to do another post focused on the TAROT DECK, I would be happy to do so! 

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