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TOSOWOONG Makeon Dual Shaking Lip Tints [REVIEW] PT. 1

Hello everyone! Long time no see! So sorry for being MIA for the past couple of months! School semester is coming to an end, but before that, lots of research papers and exams are on the road I do have a lot of products that I want to review (as well as maybe a haul post of everything that I've brought?) But today's review will be on: 
Tosowoong's Makeon Dual Shaking Lip tints!
I received these products from RoseRoseShop and I will be including the links underneath as well! There will also be a store review on RoseRose 

  1. Orange Lip Tint
  2. Vampire Lip Tint
  3. Blood Lip Tint
Dual shaking lip tint offers you a great plumping effect with long-lasting color. The natural ingredients (Avocado oil)provide you tender and healthy lips. Extremely soft and ergonomic tip is perfect for your sensitive lips and prevents your lips from external damages.
I found the product packaging to be very pretty! The bottle the tint was in seems to be glass, or very hard plastic. You can see each color clearly from just picking up the bottle and it also labels what color it is  This is great if you are on the go, and you need to quickly identify which tint is which 
Tosowoong suggests you to shake the whole bottle of tint in order to get the liquid and the oil to mix. I found this quite hard to do since the oil and the tint didn't mix very easily  I usually just apply the tint as it is, so the tint and the oil is separated. I find that you can apply this tint as pigmented or as soft as you would like.
The applicator of the lip tint is very sturdy and soft. It applies the product on very smoothly and it is quite fuzzy Which makes the application much more smoother and easier to apply!
Here's an up close image of the lip tint bottle and how it looks from the top. The lip tint wouldn't easily spill in your bag or purse if you want to bring it along with you to re-apply.
I took two images of this set of tints: No Flash & With Flash so you can see the images more clearly.
The tints are in order (left to right)
Blood Tint -> Vampire Tint -> Orange Tint
  • #3 Blood Tint: Is your classic red tint. Think of Snow White when you think of this tint 
  • #2 Vampire Tint: This has a berry undertone, it's similar to the shade of maroon! Wear this tint if you would like a darker look
  • #1 Orange Tint: This is the lightest and brightest shade of the three, it is your classic orange tint!  
I've used all three of these lip tints in the span of 2 months! I really enjoyed using Tosowoong's Lip Tint over other lip tints, such as Tonymoly Cat Wink Tint, because it was much easier to control the color and it looks much more natural.
  • Use a tissue: After applying these tints on my lips, I like to use a tissue to dab off the excess color! The tissue also helps to spread the color around more evenly!  
  • 2nd Reason to Use a Tissue: If you use a tissue versus your fingers, your fingers won't get stained and messy!  
  • LONG LASTING: This tint lasts around 8 to 10 hours! Once applied, it won't be budging and you can consume food and drinks as often as you want.  
  • COLOR FADES AWAY NATURALLY: The color fades away naturally, unlike other tints which leaves a bad long line of stain on your lips  
  • NATURAL LOOKING: When you apply small amounts of this tint, you get natural looking lips!  
  • WATERPROOF: It doesn't come off with water! 
  • SPICY GLOSS: These lip tints are SPICY. When you first apply it, you will feel it tingling! 
  • SMELL: These lip tints smells like those Chinese Tiger Cream that you apply whenever you have a stomach-ache, headache, or any other problems. This could be a deal breaker for some! 
  • EXFOLIATE YOUR LIPS: If you are prone to dry skin, make sure you apply lip balm the night before for moisturized lips OR Exfoliate it the night before. Like any other lip tints, this tint will pronounce your dry lips if you don't exfoliate/moisturize them!
Final Opinion? I would continue using Tosowoong's Lip tints over every other brand because of the:
  • Durability
  • Quality
  • Waterproof & Food proof
  • Ease of use
  • How natural it looks
If you would like to purchase this product, please head over to [RoseRoseShop] they sell all 3 lip tints and they are currently having a sale!

PT 2 of this review will be coming later this week (Thursday?) And I will update this post with a link to the Tosowoong Makeon Princess Eyeliner Set #3 Review when it is up! [UPDATE: Review is up!]

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