Sunday, April 17, 2016

TOSOWOONG Makeon Princess Gel Pencil Set #3 Review!

Hello everyone! Today's review will be on part 2 from Tosowoong Cosmetics! I will be reviewing Tosowoong's Makeon Princess Gel Pencil Set #3, the Cleopatra edition! This set was received from RoseRoseShop for review purposes!I also wanted to apologize for putting on this review late because I was busy writing midterm papers I still have several more papers to write but I got some free time tonight!
If you haven't already, I have Tosowoong's Makeon Princess Set #1 & 2 Reviewed as well, and their lip tints! Click on the images above! 

Each of the Tosowoong Makeon Princess Set package is the solid color of the tin box! The tin box can be reusable as a pencil case or for other storage purposes! The box itself is high quality and beautifulOn the back of the box, you will see what colors are in this set and as well as what colors are for each pencil! In this set, you see a lot of brown and bronzes! Perfect for an everyday neutral look or a smokey eye makeup!
The pencils doesn't come with a sharpener, so you will have to purchase a eyeliner sharpener if you don't own one! 
CAUTION  The top of the caps aren't twistable! If you twist them, the pencil will break!
In order from left to right are: Dark Brown, Glam Brown, Deep Brown, Blonde, and Sunshine.
All of the colors with the exception of Sunshine is in the 'brown' family!
Here are all the shades close up!
If any of you have been following me on social media, you will know that Tosowoong has become one of my most favorite makeup companies!  I can say that Tosowoong's eye makeup is on the same level as Urban Decay but for the fraction of the price! Nowadays, I just grab a gel pencil from Tosowoong and line my eyes! They stay on, smudge proof, for close to 8 hours and more!

I recommend their gel pencil liners for people who:
  • Likes to line their eyes fast in the morning
  • Looking for a smudge proof formula
  • Looking for a waterproof formula
  • Pigmented colors
I highly recommend Tosowoong's cosmetics to everyone who is in the market for a new eyeliner! 
RoseRoseShop has sponsored me for this review but these are all my honest opinions! I have shopped on RoseRoseShop before and all of my experiences have been pleasant. Not only do they include lots of samples (second to Jolse!) they also have amazing customer service and always offer the best price. Shipping takes around 3 weeks from Korea to USA. Everything was bubble wrapped securely and even in very bad weather, like heavy rain, the item won't be damaged. Overall, I will recommend everyone to shop at RoseRoseShop 

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