Friday, June 17, 2016

COLOURPOP Eyeshadow & Highlighter Review

Hello everyone! I made a mini haul on ColourPop again  I placed my order on Friday, it was shipped on Tuesday, and it arrived on Thursday!  Today's review post will be on 3 eyeshadow and 1 highlighter that I brought! 

I picked up 3 eyeshadows and 1 highlighter. These are the packaging for them! They have such cute messages! 
The eyeshadow's come in a hexagon patterned! Many people who own ColourPop's eyeshadow will often rave about how different the their textures are! In my opinion, ColourPop's eyeshadow texture closely resembles butter! They melt at your touch and they feel super good on the fingers 
Above are swatches of the 3 shadows! The two photos are in different lightings, one is indoors & the second is natural lighting 
La La - A bronze copper shadow
Sequin - Bronze shadow with more pink and gold
So Quiche - Olive Green with purple glitter
I finally decided to buy a highlighter! I asked +Kelly Thai and she encouraged me to try it 
This shade is called "Smoke n Whistles" and its a beautiful white & pink shimmer highlighter! Just like the shadows, the texture is a buttery texture!
Taken from ColourPop's website, here is a better photo of Smoke N Whistles!

More photos of the shadow swatches 
I would 100% recommend ColourPop to everyone! Their prices are super affordable (everything is $5 to 8)! They have a wide range of colors and fast shipping! I absolutely love everything I ordered from them! (This is my 4th order 
This concludes the end of the review & I also got Dohee (Ultra Satin Lip created by Jenn Im), Safari (Sheer Lip Tint), and Eliare (Lippie Stick)! If anyone wants a review on those, please comment below!

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