Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Gift from Rei ☆彡

Hello lovelies! I know, 2 posts in one week?! Is Jessie sick?!  I'm currently on my "Summer Break" which ends today because I start Summer Semester! I wanted to show you what my wonderful friend, Rei, aka owner of Little Lycan sent me!

Rei drew me a while ago and she sent the picture to me! She drew me way prettier then I am in real life She also sent me an adorable Cat Plushie Pencil Case named Mike! Mike-Kun is super soft and around 5 to 6 inches long?! Who can resist his adorable eyes?! Lastly, she also sent me the food Otaku Mode folder because she got a duplicate! [You can't really see it here though ]

Rei's social media
You all should follow her for beautiful photo's Here's a sneak peak of what goodies you will see 
Till next time  

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