Sunday, July 3, 2016

☆ SHIROI ♥ HEART ☆彡 Haul

Hello everyone! Today's post will be featuring one of my all time favorite artist: Shiroi! While everyone is at AX (Anime Expo), I received my order from her shop! I love everything in her store, and I really want to buy everything! But alas, I don't have enough money 
Before I go on, here are her links!

I made two orders! My first order was in May where I brought 1 pin. Now my second order was in late June, where I brought an additional 4!  Shiroi Room's online shop is located in Canada! I was slightly worried about delays in my order because of the ongoing Canada Post strike.
Both of my order came in a secure bubble mailer. Shiroi packages her orders super cute!  She states clearly on the package to "Do Not Bend" the packages, and she has a sticker logo on front of the packages!
Each order comes in a separate packaging. She also includes a lovely hand written note! 
Each order comes with a free postcard that you can choose! There are three different designs and I already own 2 out of the 3! She also includes her business card which lists her shop and social medias on there!
As stated earlier, I brought 5 different pins! I really love pins and I own a lot I recently got new chibi Haikyuu pins if anyone would like a post on...

Each pin from Shiroi's shop costs $3.50! They're super high quality and around 2.25 inches each in diameter! I can't wait to use them on my backpack  
Each pin is in its own plastic and cardboard packaging! The pins are pinned to the back of the cardboard so it doesn't move around 
You can really see the care and the amount of details Shiroi puts into her products. Even the product packaging is made with care! Besides pins, Shiroi also sells stickers, prints, tote bags, and many more!
All artwork belongs to shiroiroom
The above image was compiled by me to show you all the different pins I got! I wanted to show you all her beautiful artwork! All of these pins are also available in prints! ($10 each)
I hope this post inspires you to check out her work and buy some items! Because they're all so cute and high quality, I'm already planning my 3rd purchase! 
Shiroi's links:
Did any of you go to Anime Expo? Do you guys collect any art prints? Who are some of your favorite online artists?

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