Wednesday, August 3, 2016

TOSOWOONG Essence Cushion #21 Light Beige Review!

Hello everyone! Today's blog post will be a review on Tosowoong's new Essence Cushion in shade #21 -- Light Beige! Shout out to the lovely shop, Cupidrop! Cupidrop was very kind to offer me this opportunity to review this Essence Cushion!
Although this is a sponsored post, the below opinions are all my own. 
First of all, thank you Cupidrop for giving me this opportunity! Now, as all of you know, I am a huge fan of Tosowoong's products. I have several posts on their makeup line and I will link the posts below if you haven't read them!
Onto the review~~~

Although the back of the packaging is all in Korean, I really do appreciate Tosowoong giving an English description of their product on the front. 

This Essence Cushion has SPF50+ and PA+++. I also like what this product offers: whitening, anti-aging, moisturizing, and UV protection. 

The expiration date of this Cushion is clearly printed on the back of the product. You also know the product name on the back of this cushion!

Like many other BB / CC Cushions, this cushion comes with a puff. To my knowledge, you can wash this puff! The inside design of the Essence Cushion is really special. It is in a spiral shape, and although the darker colors may look intimidating for pale skin people, like myself, you don't need to worry!
 A closer look at the product itself. The product has a faint smell, similar to vanilla. It is also very easy to blend and matches my skin tone very well!
The above photo is when I applied the cushion to my wrist. I decided to apply it on my wrist so you can see how blendable this product is and the coverage strength.

  • Pro's - Compact & light weight
  • Color is true to what you buy
  • Easy to blend
  • SPF 50+ & PA+++
  • Moisturizing
  • Smells nice
  • Con's - Nothing so far
I would recommend this Cushion to anyone who has:
- Normal to Dry skin , this cushion is very moisturizing
- Pale / Light Skin toned people
- Easy to blend, so you can just apply this in the morning and go to school or work in under 5 minutes


Since I received this product from CUPIDROP, I will also do a small review on the website as well!

I live in the USA and shipping from CUPIDROP only took 2 days to arrive to me. I received a tracking number and the shipping service was regular mail!

Their online store is very organized and pleasing to the eye. You can find out what the latest deals or offers are at first glance! They also have a wide variety of products that you can buy!

If you are located in the U.S.A and would like to buy products that will arrive safely and fast, I would recommend CUPIDROP!

I recommend Cupidrop for their great customer service and amazing deals. If you can't wait for your packages from Korea to arrive and you are worried about the quality of the items due to the weather, CUPIDROP would be a great choice! Their prices are fair and they handle all the items with care!

You can check out their social media's here ---

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