Sunday, October 2, 2016

August & September Monthly Update!

Hello everyone! Surprise, surprise! I am still alive! I apologize for disappearing for so long but life happened!  So today's post will be a super condensed life update!

Please feel free to click on the above image to see it in full size!
Summer was very relaxing for me, and I received some lovely gifts from my amazing friends! Thank you to Ashley, Rei, and Krisppie! My friend, P, also got me some Shokugeki no Soma & a Jirachi charm from Japan! 
Aside from receiving gifts, I've also purchased several things! I purchased half of the "Inu x Boku SS" manga (6 out of the 12 volumes), and also brought "Food Wars" volume 11 to 14!  I found an amazing artist via Instagram, and brought 3 of her Haikyuu charms! Lastly, the Kouree stickers are by the lovely @baka_kouhai on Instagram! 

The main reason why I was so absent from my blog this summer was because I was catching up on my games! I finally finished Code Realize & 75% done with Norn9! 2017 is an exiting year because there are so many Otome titles announced for the West! I made the above images to help me keep track! 
I also spent some time updating my personal tumblr! I created a page dedicated to all the current and future otome games coming to the West! They are categorized by game and by character! 
image image

 In order to de-stress myself, I do create my own Facebook Covers  Disclaimer: All rights belong to the artist! I like pairing images with song lyrics.
I've also been quite obsessed with a mobile Otome game called: Mystic Messenger! So far MM has taken over my blog and my personal life LOL Zen is also on my blog header ;D 

Next up is my friend, Rei's collaboration with iiiiclothing! You can purchase this sweater/hoodie here:
Excuse my dirty mirror 
I'm trying to take manga spreads but LOL failing a lot. The buttons were a gift from my friend Rei!

Last week, I also got another Influenster box! Influenster is a website platform that sends you boxes of free items to try! You just have to leave a mini review on their site after receiving the products. This is my 7th box? I always look forward to receiving the VoxBoxes!

So thats about it! I couldn't find any more photos cause I tend to delete them often!  If you want to stay up to date with me, feel free to follow my Instagram @pandahjessie , I update there pretty often! There will be a review post up later this week! 

Hello there! Thank you for visiting my blog! My blog is a collection of posts that consists of beauty, anime and manga as well as books and games. I enjoy reading all comments and I will reply to them all! Thank you for visiting!

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