Sunday, December 18, 2016

Long Time No See . . . ☆彡

Hello, hello! Long time no post! Last time I posted was back around October! So here is a November update :3 This will be a short update post ;D
I've been going out to eat a LOT. I've also been eating Sushi almost every week LOL [The sushi crave is real]. Highlight of the month was going back to an authentic Japanese Ramen place! So delicious!
I'm addicted to taking photos of streets and of nature. Although the weather has gotten cold now, the sky and the streets are just as beautiful!
Lastly, here are some misc photos! I got Pokemon Moon courtesy to my friend, Rei! While walking down the streets, I also saw a pet shop who had a shiba inu up for adoption! Really wanted to adopt it but, alas, conditions aren't right for me just yet. Another lovely friend got me a giant Ferrero Rocher! It was delicious! And lastly, I tried out my leg garters ;D +Kelly Thai old OOTD post inspired me to try leg garters out! My birthday also passed last month (Thanks to everyone who wished me a HBD!)

Sorry for this insanely short and quick post, but finals are happening! Wanted to give a update on my blog since I will be updating very frequently again! >:3 How have you all been? Has finals started/ended for you yet?
Anyone play Pokemon Sun/Moon?

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