Sunday, July 2, 2017

July - August 2017 Adventures ☆彡

Hello everyone!  Here is an July - August life update :D Technically, it's from last December (?) till now! I haven't been updating my blog because I have been busy with school. Last semester I took 7 courses and I ended late at school. On top of that, I am also double majoring  I apologize for not updating my blog frequently, but here I am now! This post will be separated into two parts, food and misc.  Lots of food because.. I love eating  
Please be prepared to see lots of photos in this post! And NOTE* This happened in the course of 8 months!

*Cake and Ice cream drawings are courtsey of
My love for sushi is no secret to anyone that knows me! Therefore, when I found out a Pokework's opened up near me, I had to go! I absolutely love this franchise! $13 for a bowl of salmon + tuna fills me up! This is almost the same price as one sushi row in my area but this bowl is a better deal!  *whispers* Sushi is love 
 Oh Starbucks, you are every college student's best friend... Whenever I go to Starbucks, I always order one of these 3 drinks:

 Green Tea Frappucino, Strawberry Acai with Coconut Milk Refresher or the Smores Frappucino 

Pictured above is the limited edition Unicorn Frappucino and the second photo is the Smores Frappucino! The Unicorn Frappucino reminded me of lychee juice for some reason. The Smores frapp is definitely a winner tho 
Next, I had the pleasure of discovering an Italian Gelato icecream place. I tried the Mango and Lemon (not pictured here) flavor and they were both heavenly! 
On the last day of exams, my friend treated me out to Buffalo Wings. Was my first time being there, but I fell in love with their nachos 
I don't even know where to start here LOL

I won a giveaway on Twitter! I got origami pictures, a bean bag cat, rilakkuma stickers, 2 lead pencils, and cute contact lens cases!
I forgot if I posted this picture or not but... I made my own bracelet! I received a bunch of charms from my lovely friend, Rei, so I was able to make my own bracelet  Thanks Rei!
Also related to my friend, Rei, she made her own pins! The above two pins were hand drawn by her and then made into pins! Isn't she talented or what? 
Last November on my birthday, Rei was also kind enough to gift me Pokemon Moon and a Jirachi plush! I still haven't finished the game yet 
Now.. going back to Buffalo Wings, my friend got a cherry drink and asked me if I could tie the stem with my tongue. I tried it and did it on my first try! 
Hmm, and nowww here's some beautiful flowers for all my readers :> 5.19 for anyone who knows this code 
For my S/O, I got him this Prompto Pillow 
This here is my little otaku happy corner! I have my manga's, games, and tarot cards here! 
In April 4, 2017, PERSONA 5 CAME OUT  And I have been playing this game ever since!
Best waifu here btw, Futaba!
Lastly, I ordered 5 balls of yarn to knit a scarf  I absolutely love Wool and the Gang and just AUGH. They're to die for 

Until next time!

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