Wednesday, August 16, 2017

CHEERO Danboard Charger Review!

Hello everyone! Today I m back with another review! Today's review will be on my beloved portable charger  I've had this charger for almost 2 years now? And I thought after using it for so long, its time to do a review on it!

Here are the charger specs! I actually didn't read any of the specs except for the 10,400 mAh part! 

I purchased this charger on cheero's official ebay store! I chose the banana (flavor) danboard! I really like cheero's chargers because 1) it's from Japan 2) It's durable and 3) They're cute!
Related image
The specific line I got from Cheero was the "Danboard Flavors," from the picture above you can see that it has MANY different colors/flavors!  There's a danboard for everyone out there!

When you get your charger, you get several things in the package! The first thing is the User Manual, charger, charger pouch, and underneath the charger pouch is the charger's USB. 

The charger's USB isn't for charging your phone!  It's for charging your actual charger! I have found that plugging this into computers (desktop) will charge it up quite fast! When I used a wall adapter to charge my Danboard, the adapter turned quite hot so I stopped doing that after one try.

Isn't this charger cute?! The first picture is the front and back of the charger. I've dropped this charger on the floor many times, but it only has a scratch on it! 

When you start charging your Danboard / your devices, you can see how much power you have left by pressing the big circle button on the right. The circles under that button will then glow. Each circle represent 20% of battery. 

This charger doesn't leak energy? If that makes sense.. What I mean is that when you're not using the charger to charge, the battery will stay INSIDE the charger. Previous chargers that I have used have leaked power. 

  • It's cute!
  • Comes with a pouch :D
  • Doesn't leak energy!
  • Easy to re-charge
  • Can charge MULTIPLE devices at once!
  • Holds A LOT of power

  • It's bulky
  • Heavy compared to other chargers
I choose this charger because I am often at my college for long periods of time. I charge this charger and take it with me and charge my devices while I'm in class. 
There are two ports, one is 2.1A, which is the faster port. The second one is 1A. It doesn't take more than 30 ~ 60 mins for my charger to charge my phone from 0% to 100%!

I also choose this charger because of the durability. I like how it doesn't leak battery and also for the amount of times I have dropped it, it's still functioning! 

I hope you enjoy this review! What are your back to school essentials? I'm thinking of doing an updated whats in my backpack post (maybe)!

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