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How I Use My Planner ~ Bando Planner

Hello everyone! Surprise to see me post again? I'm on a 3 day break from school! This is why I thought about making a post about how I stay organized in College! As some of you know.. or don't know... I'm currently in my last year of college however, my program requires me study for an additional two years before I can graduate! This semester I am taking 7 to 8 courses again! My schedule runs from earliest, 6:30am till 10pm at night  And until I graduate I will most likely be taking as many courses as well! A popular question I receive from friends who know me is, "How do you manage?" Well, today's post will explain how I manage to stay (semi) alive throughout such a hectic semester! 

DISCLAIMER: Some of the photos might look different due to lighting! I took these photos during different times of the day!

As you all know, this summer I got a new planner/agenda. The planner/agenda I got was from BANDO and it is their "I am Very Busy" planner! I decorated the cover and various parts of the planner. 
I keep a portable copy of my class schedule in my planner. Aside from my schedule, I also keep the Molang stickers I use often! The "Iron Yokai" sticker is from my lovey friend Rei at or!~ 

Rei is my great friend! She's an artist and she primary makes customed animal ears! You can read my post about the custom ears she made me here! This summer Rei has decided to branch out and create merchandises using her own art work! She makes pins, buttons, keychains, and even socks now! You can view all her products at ironyokai here!

Anyhow, I recently placed an order on her site and I received this sticker! I loved it so much that I used it on my planner!
The first thing to staying organized in school is to organize all your class syllabus! The first thing I like to do when school starts is to look at all my class syllabus. 
I look at the test dates, reading dates, and paper dates and write them all down! In my September calendar, you can see how I have paper dates and test dates filled out!

It's also important to write down your school holidays!

For my weekly layouts, I have decorated the boxes/pages with washi tape and stickers! Since I can't draw, I use stickers to decorate my boxes! As you can see, I use checkboxes in my planner! Check boxes allows me to see whether or not I have completed a task!

Everyday, I would look at my planner and look at the tasks I need to do. I cross them out after I complete them!

TIP: If you are taking a lot of classes like I am, its important to be aware of whats due in class

It's very easy to miss an assignment such as a reading, and then become behind in class. Hence, I have written down everything that I need to do in my planner rather than trying to remember them or flip through the syllabuses. 

Personally I like to review the syllabuses at the end of each week. Then I fill out whats due / what I need to do! If during the week, a teacher changes the assignment, then I can just white it out or edit it.

From my photos, you can see I also use highlighters. I highlight a specific course or assignment when it is high priority! 

So, how do I stay organized? A summary!!

  • I prefer writing down all my tasks! I use a planner to stay organized versus a phone app (I will forget to check my phone / its always on 'do not disturb' mode)
  • I decorate my planner to make it personal, so its more relaxing for me when I fill it out!
  • I write down all my test/paper/assignment dates on BOTH my monthly calendar page and my weekly pages.
  • I use highlighters to indicate something is of high importance
  • If time permits, try doing some of the assignments early! I try to read ahead of time for most classes
  • BREAK DOWN THE ASSIGNMENTS -- Don't try to fill out your weekly pages to the brim! Remember that you can break down the assignments! Such as if you have to read 100 pages for one class, read around 20 pages a day on the transit or during break so you won't feel as stressed! 
  • Personalize your planner. I've mentioned this before, but by personalizing your planner it won't feel like a chore or an obligation! Use stickers, washi tapes, and even draw on it! 
I hope this post helps some of my readers become even more productive and organized! I've been using a planner for 1 to 2 years now? And I feel like it really helps! Especially when I began to take 5 courses and more each semester!

Do you have any productivity tips? If so, feel free to share them with me here!

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