About Me

Hello everyone! First of all, thank you so much for visiting my blog! My name is Jessie, and I'm currently a student residing in a wonderful city. 

I suck at introductions so I guess I'll start with my likes! I like collecting makeup and I primarily use Korean and Japanese cosmetics. I do use American Brands (such as NYX, Maybelline, Revlon) but not as often! I am into TV drama's, reading novels, and watching anime. 

After taking the Pottermore test (twice); it was determined I was a Ravenclaw and a Gryfindor (yay!) I like Grimm Fairytales and as well as graphic designing.

Here are some favorite's of mine
  • Favorite Studio Ghibli Movie: The Cat Returns / Kiki's Delivery Service / Howl's Moving Castle
  • Favorite Music: Mostly Pop + Rock 
  • Favorite Music Band + Artist: Maroon5, Skillet, PVRIS & Linkin Park
  • Favorite Makeup Brand: -none- Surprised? 
  • Favorite American TV Show: Grey's Anatomy, How to Get Away With Murder, Criminal Minds, Grimm, Sleepy Hollow
  • Favorite Korean Drama: The Moon Embraces The Sun (Historical)
  • Favorite Mangaka's: Matsuri Hino (Vampire Knight)+ Shouoto Aya (Kiss of the Rose) & more!
  • Favorite Manga/Anime: Shokugeki No Soma (Food Wars!) , Hiyokoi , Gakuen Babysitters, Himouto! Umaru-chan, Haikyuu, Kuroko no Basuke
5 Facts About Me
  • I play RPG & Otome Games , I prefer handheld consoles & PC 
  • My favorite season is Fall / Autumn
  • Piano + Violin + Bass are my favorite instruments 
  • Favorite Pokemon is Milotic & Jirachi
  • I like cooking & sports anime
Some FAQ's
  • Where do you buy your Korean cosmetics?
98% of the time I purchased all of my Korean cosmetics via Ebay. Other shops I buy from are Cosmetic-love, Jolse, and Beautynetkorea.
  • Where do you buy your Korean skincare?
Currently I only use the Korean Brand, Klairs, for my skincare. I buy them from the website, Wishtrend.
  • What camera do you use?
I use the Nikon Coolpix P530 camera to take all of my photos seen on my blog!
  • What photo editing app do you use to edit your photos?
All graphics (header + sidebar + signature etc) were made in Adobe Photoshop CC!
  • Where did you get your blogspot template?
I am using the "Simple" Template provided by Blogspot and I have /heavily/ edited this template by myself. 

You can find me on these social medias:
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Thank you for visiting!


  1. Your new about me page is wonderful!
    I'm really curious which program you use to design the great images and headers you always come up with too... ;3;

    Also, though I know that these days the word is being used as an umbrella term from many without any negative connotation in mind, the word 'otaku' actually has a rather problematic origin, as it desrcibes mostly Japanese men in their mid-40s who spend all their life and money on merchandise of their favorite manga/anime that often implies the sexualization of young girls - I don't want to be the kill-a-joy or say "you can't use that term!" but I sometimes feel that many people aren't aware of this.
    Seeing how it is used ironically or just with a less harmful idea behind, I probably shouldn't leash out at all but anyway... since I feel like we are rather close as bloggers I thought it was something I wanted to tell you just so you know - if you weren't aware of it yet without pressuring you to change the way you use the word as a lable for yourself or anything (I used to do that for a short time, too)... so... yeah.
    Please don't be mad at me, I didn't want to patronize or lecture you ;;

    1. Hi Yuku!! Don't worry about that haha, I don't feel lectured by you at all >W< Thanks for telling me this! It's really interesting to know the origin of words! Before I didn't know the difference between bara manga and BL manga! What word would you suggest I use then? O: I use the word otaku (my friend and me) to describe us or anyone who likes to collect anime and manga merchandise (figures, posters, etc) O: And I think with the growth of the website "otakumode" the word otaku is slowly spreading, also along with I think the recent anime Himouto! Umaru-chan (my favorite) where on the subs I watched they referred to her as otaku as well O:

      I use Photoshop for all my photo editing ^O^ I was originally going to have the image for my about me page as my sidebar about section, but it was too big (I got the resolution wrong LOL) But I really liked how it was going along so I turned it into this :) Then I made a few adjustments for the sidebar version :3

    2. Sorry that I never replied to this but I don't get notified about GFC comments or replies xx

      I guess the majority of people use otaku as a harmless term to refer to people who are into manga and anime and I guess that's fine. I didn't ask Japanese acquaintances wether it sounds weird for them of if they'd actually use it like that themselvesn yet... and since it's used that broadly in Western adaptions of Japanese popculture, I guess it should be fine after all...
      I just thought you should know.

      (I just recently read a text about bara / BL and was super fascinated as well! - especially because you find so many rose motives and flower metaphors in old BL mangas!!)

      It's quite funny though; my boyfriend and his brother (and their friends and probably a large part of the Korean youth) use the word Otaku (or something that sounds too much like it to not be originating from the Japanese term) for all sorts of fans of things and mix it with the respective thing they're fan of (it's rude to call someone like that on the street though, they do it for fun in their group of friends). For example my boyfriend's elder brother really likes American TV shows, so he's called a MiDoKu (MIgug = Korean for America + DOrama + otaKU) by my bf and I'm being called Potaku because I know so much about Pokémon...

      Honestly, I wouldn't know another word to use, so I'd just try to describe it ^^;
      As I mentioned earlier, it's most likely not even such a big deal anymore anyway :D


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