Thank You!

In order for this blog layout to be possible, I had used several tutorials from the following websites:

  • Xomisse
  1. Add a border or image to the top of your blog
  2. Remove shadows and borders on blogger
  3. Add custom font to blogger or wordpress
  4. How to move and remove the header gadget on your blog
  5. Automatically resize pictures on blog
  1. How to add an image next to Blogger Post Title | Helplogger
  • All Blogger Tricks
  1. Fully Different Style Popular Posts Widget - All Blogger Tricks
  • J.S. Blog Stop
  1. J.S. Blog Stop: Blogger: More Header Customization
  • B. You
  1. How to add Post Dividers 
Dear Silly Blog
Pixels, Images, etc
Disclaimer: Header & Sidebar images doesn't belong to me!

I tried to keep track of everything I've used and worked, so I may have missed some! And some of them were just in my folder of things I should use, so some I may not have used ^^

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  1. You're an angel for giving credit! It's really rare to find people like you these days <3


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